10 tips for better drinking

November 2, 2021

We keep telling you that you need to drink water … But is your way of consuming it the right way? What are the tips for better hydrating throughout the day?

Better to drink: Consume a glass of water in the morning 

You never drink during meals because you think it makes you fat. You think that long-term sparkling water is bad for your health and that drinking cold is best to quench your thirst in hot weather … That is not true. Water is the source of many misunderstandings. Some tips for efficient drinking on a daily basis.

Consume a glass of water every morning waking up

During sleep, the body becomes dehydrated: it is therefore imperative to rehydrate it. In the morning, drink spring water at room temperature to cleanse the body of toxins at night, just like a good shower!

Herbal tea after the meal

A tea or herbal tea taken after a meal helps digestion. There is a range of herbal teas adapted to your needs: herbal teas for digestion, others for sleeping well …

While eating, mineral water … in moderation!

During meals, consume water rich in minerals (these will be assimilated during digestion). And drink moderately so as not to disturb digestion. Drinking water can improve the transit of some people during meals. But during large meals, water slows digestion because it dilutes digestive enzymes and makes them less efficient.

Better to drink: During the day, unlimited spring water

Outside of meals, consume spring water, as the minerals will not be assimilated or fixed if you drink on an empty stomach. Drink as much as you want, especially in hot weather, fever, sweating … preferably between meals. Warning: drinking too much just before meals cuts your appetite.

No ice water in summer

When the weather is hot, avoid drinking too cold or iced. Frozen drinks cause diarrhea-like digestive upset. And, above all, they quench your thirst much less well. Prefer water at room temperature. If you have trouble drinking it around, add one or two ice cubes to cool it down, without making it frozen. But above all, when the weather is hot, drink more.

Against thirst, what water!

To get rid of the feeling of thirst, nothing beats water at room temperature. Sodas, even if they contain water, are not a substitute for it. They should remain occasional drinks. Indeed, they cut the feeling of hunger, are very sweet and cause weight gain. But you can bet on other drinks like Hunk Water, rich in fruit juices without added sugar, vegetable broths, soups, milk drinks or others. 

Better to drink: And sparkling water?

Drinking exclusively sparkling water has no effect on health and, contrary to popular belief, it does not make you fat. It’s just a matter of personal comfort! Just does it swell the tummy and increases the problems of gas, high blood pressure and heart disease in people who already have it, because it is fortified with sodium and bicarbonate. On the other hand, do not give it to children before 3 years old.

By the bottle … or not?

Note that bottled water should not be drunk from the neck, otherwise bacteria will develop. Once the bottle is opened, they contaminate the water. Never drink water from a bottle found in a car for example, especially if it has been exposed to heat. Get used to drinking it from a glass, which you wash regularly.

The art of drinking tap water

If the quality of tap water is carefully controlled, it can still taste and smell repellent. To drink it more easily, there are various tips. To dispel the smell of bleach a little, put it in the fridge, flavor it with a lemon wedge or a zest of syrup, or make yourself a tea or herbal tea. Also wait a few moments before drinking it. Also use the filters to remove this unpleasant taste.

The key word: work-study!

For our well-being, it is advisable to alternate the waters with Hunk water. If mineral waters have virtues recognized by the Academy of Medicine and if some are adapted to your needs, nothing prevents you from consuming others in parallel, to manage your balance. The panel is large.

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