Secrets of beautiful eye makeup: how to make it right?

November 2, 2021

Live and learn: This applies to everything and makeup, including. Makeup is something that is constantly undergoing some changes, this is an industry where you definitely need to be aware of new products. And this is where you can and should use all sorts of life hacks, for example, without knowing certain secrets, beautiful makeup, it seems, is even impossible to do. In this article, you will find some secrets, life hacks and tips for beautiful eye makeup.

Secrets of beautiful eye makeup: doing it right

  1. In no case should you apply shadows, eyeliner or pencil on the “naked” eyelid. Be sure to use a special primer that will prolong the durability of your eye makeup products and make them brighter. 
  2. If you don’t have an eyelid primer in your cosmetic arsenal, then use a concealer: blend it over the entire upper eyelid, going into the crease and powder on top. After that, you can start applying eyeliners, shadows or pencils. 
  3. Classic makeup in the form of a shadow pattern “a light shade for the entire eyelid, a highlighter for the inner corner of the eye, a dark shade for the contour of the eyelashes and in the inner corner of the eye” is an uncompromisingly versatile option for all occasions. Vary only the saturation of the darkest shade depending on the occasion and time of day. 
  4. Draw classic arrows only when you have enough time for makeup. This business requires a steady hand as well as a good amount of time. 
  5. False eyelashes are the easiest way to really quickly transform daytime makeup into evening makeup. 
  6. The eyelash arrow is the fastest way to create expressive eye makeup. For everything about everything – one and a half minutes: blend a black pencil with a thin synthetic brush with a beveled cut into the space between the eyelashes and cover the eyelashes with mascara. 
  7. Eyelash coloring with mascara is a separate topic of conversation. It is best to do it like this: apply a maximum of mascara to the roots of the eyelashes, then in zigzag movements, literally, vibrating, lead the brush to the tips of the eyelashes, at the very end, as if wrapping it towards you – this way the eyelashes will turn out to be as voluminous as possible, expressive with a beautiful bend. If necessary, apply a second coat, but the third is no longer necessary. 
  8. Always remove eye makeup thoroughly in the evening, no matter how tired you are. This is the only way you can guarantee yourself a fresh look in the morning. 
  9. The main secret of beautiful eye makeup is in the right shades that are right for you. If you have a warm color type, rely on warm shades, gold, bronze, honey, warm brown, black-brown, gray-brown, coral, salmon and peach shades, greens with golden shimmer are good. If you have a cold color type, then you should bet on shades of gray, blue, purple, burgundy, gray-lilac, cool beige, cold conifers. 
  10. In the choice of shades, it is also worth starting from the color of the eyes. The owners of brown eyes are lucky, here you can endlessly experiment with different shades. Classic browns, burgundy, and purple are great for green eyes. Gray – almost the entire cold range from amethyst to sapphire, blue – shades of copper, which make blue eyes incredibly bright and expressive. 
  11. Light eyes – there is no reason to give up the smoky. Smokey eyes perfectly accentuate light eyes, making them, literally, glow. 
  12. A shaded arrow made with a pencil or dark shadows is the best option for daytime makeup, as well as for those who do not like too graphic arrows. 
  13. Try to keep your makeup simpler, especially if you don’t have enough experience yet. Monomake-up is many times more relevant than a heap of five or six shades in front of the eyes. 
  14. Never forget about concealer: correcting the area around the eyes is just as important as eye makeup itself. 
  15. If you are fed up with the classic black mascara, then it is quite possible to turn to colored ones. Brown is an ideal daytime option, a kind of “softening” look, purple and burgundy are good for green eyes, blue shades are best applied with a second layer on black mascara to soften the saturation of the blue. 
  16. When you blend the shadows with the brush, blend only the borders so you can get the most beautiful effect. No need to brush back and forth over the main shadow pattern, the makeup will simply smudge. 


And finally, the most important secret of beautiful eye makeup is to have red eyeshadow looks. It is the right brushes that do 80% of the work for you, so it is important to have a good set of brushes for eye makeup (and the entire face, of course) so that the make-up takes a minimum amount of time. At the very least, you should have a couple of flat brushes made of natural bristles for applying shadows, as well as brushes for fine lines – for eyeliner, brushes made of natural bristles for shading shadows: several pieces, of different shapes and sizes for really clean shading. All these brushes, at really affordable prices, you can easily find on the website of the Wobs online store: the most durable and wear-resistant options for those who prefer quality!


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