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November 1, 2021

Many of the typical maintenance things do not apply to Tesla vehicles because they are all-electric. For example, you will never need an oil change and will not have to worry about typical fuel expenses. Tesla’s maintenance expenses are among the most affordable on the market, yet the cars are still expensive. We have taken data from different sources to estimate maintenance expenses.

However, Elon Musk’s Teslas do require specialist maintenance, and specific fixes may be rather costly. Extended warranties from third parties can help spread out the expense of ownership, especially as automobiles age. We looked at a number of the most prominent suppliers and identified the best-extended vehicle warranties.

Proper Ways To Repair Your Tesla

First-party repair shops have a terrible reputation. OEM components like a solar isolator switch, circuits and other dc switches are expensive, especially for new automobiles. The independent dealership model generally focuses on earning a small profit on new vehicles and relying heavily on after-sales. As automakers who sell directly to consumers, like Tesla, increase their service offerings, it’s apparent that the high cost isn’t going away.

After striking road debris and breaking its battery pack, one Tesla Model 3 leases learned this firsthand. It was estimated to be more than $16,000 to replace the assembly after driving the vehicle to a Tesla service shop. 

Tesla Maintenance “As-Needed”

Tesla, like other major automobile manufacturers, has a suggested maintenance plan. That is, until the year 2019. Then, annual inspections were included in the plan to ensure that everything was running well. However, in 2019, the firm stopped promoting yearly checks and instead focused on recommending specific treatments on an as-needed basis.

According to the website, teslas no longer require routine maintenance, which specifies a few ac components that should be replaced regularly. This is one of the primary reasons why Tesla maintenance expenses are so low. The following are the requirements:

  • Cabin air filter

If the filter is a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter, it should be replaced every two years or three years. Every 10,000 to 12,000 miles, Tesla advises changing the tires and adjusting the alignment. In addition, Tesla owners should have their brake fluid checked every two years and replenished if necessary.

  • Air conditioning service

Depending on the model, Tesla advises maintaining the air conditioning every two to six years.

  • Winter maintenance

Brake callipers should be cleaned and oiled once every 12 months or 10,000 miles in colder areas.

That is all there is to it. Tesla owners no longer need to visit the shop regularly. Furthermore, the Tesla Owners app will keep track of the different time limitations on these parts and notify drivers when it is time to schedule a service.

General Tesla Maintenance Cost

A Tesla car’s amount of moving parts is a fraction of that of a typical combustion engine. There are no fluid leaks or worn-out belts. All Tesla drivers need to be concerned about is what we said above.

Usually, we look at average pricing statistics on sites like RepairPal. However, Tesla is an outlier in that there isn’t a lot of information available online. Therefore, we’ll go through some of the different Tesla maintenance costs we discovered here, but keep in mind that these are only estimates based on what others have said on forums.

Tesla Maintenance Plan Cost

Assume you have been following the “as-needed” schedule for five years. Here is how the overall expenses would break down if you did everything at a Tesla service centre and charged the higher price for each item.

The total cost over five years would be $1,490. Tesla maintenance expenses are relatively cheap as a result, but real-world expenditures may be more significant. When you double it by five, you get a figure of $298 per year on average for Tesla maintenance. These fees can also vary by model — for example, a Tesla Model 3 maintenance package may be less expensive than a Model S.

Common Tesla Repair Costs

Even though Tesla cars have a cheap maintenance cost, they are not immune to repairs or malfunctions. They still have a lot in common with gas cars, and certain parts will need to be updated in the future. According to some users, Tesla maintenance issues have also been reported with the digital screen and other electronic equipment. In this part, we’ll look at Tesla Model S repair prices.

Comparing Tesla Models

It appears that YourMechanic would charge $80 as a starting price for a minor Tesla automobile repair. The most expensive repair for each model varies a lot. These automobiles are still constructed with modern technology yet are easy to maintain. When something goes wrong, the cost of repair might be substantial.

Surprisingly, the Model X has the lowest average maintenance expenses, even though you may expect the Model 3, the brand’s entry-level model, to have the lowest. In general, Tesla repairs are likely to be more expensive than those for other brands. But, at the same time, with a Tesla, those costly repairs are less likely to occur.

Comparing Tesla Maintenance Cost To Other Brands

As previously remarked, it’s impossible to compare Tesla to another brand on an apples-to-apples basis. It’s not like there are two Tesla models on the market at the moment. There’s Tesla, and then there’s a slew of other manufacturers that specialize in electric automobiles. So instead, we’ll compare the Model S to a variety of comparable premium sedans and coupes.

Tesla repairs are, unsurprisingly, far more economical in the long run than many other automobiles. The BMW i8 is the closest match in mechanics, but it’s still a hybrid with a 3-cylinder turbo engine. Although the hybrid battery offers it additional range, the automobile, like previous BMWs, has significant maintenance expenses.

Because of the quantity of moving components, traditional gas automobiles will simply be more expensive to fix and maintain. Certain Tesla repairs can be costly, although this is partly due to the company’s image as a premium choice. It’s possible that in the future, repairs for low-cost electric car brands will be relatively inexpensive.


An extended warranty can protect some aspects of your Tesla from failure or breakdown for a more extended period than the standard warranty. Therefore, it may be a smart option for drivers who wish to keep their vehicles in excellent condition over time. In addition, some third-party warranty companies specialize in high-tech equipment, which is something your Tesla will require.

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