Vacationing in Palm Springs? Here’s How to Find the Perfect Transportation for Your Trip

November 5, 2021

As you plan for vacationing in Palm Springs, be sure to consider several essential factors prior. Like, what transportation systems are available in California? When visiting, you’ll need to figure out how best to move to your hotel or relaxation site, among other details.

Two means available to commute to Palm Springs are the road and the air, driving or flying to the city, respectively. Here, we will cover various choices available for transportation. In the end, you may have to go with a bus rental, and you will see why.

Transportation Options for Your Trip to Palm Springs 


Air travel is often the fastest means of transportation, although it depends on where an individual took off. Thankfully, this process is made easy with the newly renovated Palm Springs International Airport (PSP). Numerous carriers from major cities are present at the airport. It is also conveniently close to the Convention Center and downtown Palm Springs.

The cost of air travel to Palm Springs depends on the airline in use and take-off point. On your trip, especially if it is a long one, it may be a good idea to stuff a bag with snacks and a neck pillow. You will most likely want something to keep busy with, so be sure to take a favorite book or other reading material along for entertainment.

Rental Cars and Buses

If you love adventure, touring places, and exploring beautiful cities, road-tripping may be the best option for you. Further, if you fly to Palm Springs, you will most likely need to get to your destination by road.

Palm Springs is more of a community – an enclosed city without a dense population. But, the good thing about the city is its brilliant road network connected to many other communities.

Since you may be new to the environment, you may not be familiar with Lyft, Uber, or other taxi services. The best alternative is to rent a car or bus to take you to your destination. With rental cars, you have the liberty to work with your schedule and pace.

A charter bus or minibus rental is likely the best; they can navigate congested freeways. They also run right on your schedule and are perfect for comfortability in any trip, especially overnight stays.

If you don’t want to feel lost, a minibus is a smaller version of a charter bus. It is suitable for optimal comfort and a mainly private setting. Since a charter bus accommodates more people, it is better if friends are tagging along.

Rental cars or charter buses seem to be the best option for taking a real trip to Palm Springs. Specifically, their primary benefits include access to about anywhere, even supposedly out-of-reach areas. Also, if you value comfortability, this may be your best bet, so long as you choose the right one.

Royal American Tours is a quality tour bus rental, significant for offering its customers luxury and top-of-the-line services at reasonable costs. They are also accessible, as you can place your order directly on their website.

Public buses, or hop-on-hop-off tourist buses, are also options. However, try to have cash or coins handy to pay for tickets, as public transports are not a cashless transaction. It’s rare to find a public transport that accepts payment with credit cards or cash transfers.

Be sure you hit the stop button before the stop you get off at to give the driver a signal you will do so at the next junction. Failing to do so may put you at risk of becoming lost.


Trains can be an easy way to get to your destination. Whether commuting to another city or in a town, trains are convenient and provide moments to relax. Palm Springs has a train station that Amtrak, the national passenger railroad system, services. Although remarkably prominent, it is not a full-service station, running a thrice-weekly service in each direction in its list.  


In terms of accessibility, a charter bus, minibus rental, or bus rental is typically the best option. To take the stress of finding a reliable company off your shoulders, consider Royal American Tours, who offers this service with excellence.

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