Tips To Make a Personalized Welcome Home Banner

November 20, 2021
welcome home banners

welcome home banners

Sometimes we spend weeks without seeing our loved ones who might be studying abroad or engaged in their work. Again, if a dear one had been ill and was hospitalized, we become happy when we hear the news of the person’s discharge. And if a couple is expecting their baby to arrive, the elated grandparents often don’t know what to do to make the arrival day memorable for the new parents in their home. Well, we are here to share some ideas on how you can make such a day exceptional for your loved ones by using personalized banners so that they will remember it for the rest of their lives. 

Homecomings are always heart-touching events. A mother seeing her son after a long time; soldiers returning to their family after fighting a war; new parents bringing their baby home for the first time; wife meeting her husband after many months – all these moments are very emotional. When the arrival news arrives, the whole family waits anxiously for the day. To show how happy they are, they plan a warm welcome. Including customized banners in the list of the required items is a must thing. But before you go ahead and place the order, there are certain things you need to take care of. 

Order according to the occasion

Consider the specific occasion for which you are ordering the welcome home banner. Depending on this, you will select the design, the personalized message that will be printed, the color scheme, and the delivery date of the banner. 

Choose the right banner 

Determining the right banner type is necessary. How, where, and when you intend to display it will guide you to choose the appropriate one. If you are planning to hang it outdoors for a long time, it will be exposed to various weather elements. In such cases, select a heavy-duty and fade-resistant vinyl banner. But if you want to use it indoors, then go for the standard ones. 

Size matters

Welcome banners come in various sizes. They can be as small as three feet by two feet to as large as you want them to be (that will depend on the maker with whom you will place your order). While ordering, keep in mind the place you want it to be hung. The distance from which you want the sign to be visible also determines the size of the banner.

Don’t forget to add a personal touch

Including a personal message can make your dear ones feel extra special. Choose a heart-warming note that will make them remember the day for a long time to come. 

Order while you have ample time

Time is a crucial factor here. How soon you want them to be delivered will influence your banner choice because some banners can be printed within a day, while others take a little longer. Large high-quality laminated banners and double-sided banners take time to get printed. 


Welcoming someone with a customized welcome home banner is the best way you can take someone by surprise. So, go ahead and make them realize how much they mean to you through your personalized message on the banners.  

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