Four Little Changes You Can Make To Help Save The Environment

December 1, 2021

Are you worried about the polar ice caps melting? Do you notice how New York City is having 70-degree weather in the wintertime? Are these environmental changes occurring to you? If not, then they should be! Global warming is wreaking havoc on our beautiful world — people around the globe need to make changes to help slow down the process and protect future generations.

Although, the point of no return when it comes to global warming has passed us — and the world will continually get hotter — there are daily and yearly changes that we can make as individuals and as a society to help us slow down the consequences of these changes.

But what can you do during your daily life that will help the environment? Instead of making drastic changes right away — like going strictly vegan and never driving your car — you can make lower-escalate changes that will help you save the environment and feel good about yourself. Let us see a few things that are easy and simple for everyone to do in their daily life!

Focus On Recycling

Some cities and some countries do this more so than others — you may see in America that there are separate bins for recycling and trash — but they are not separated into the other materials. In other countries, there are bins for paper, plastic, compost, trash, and cardboard — this way, it is easier to recycle material, the material can be reused in a short time, and nothing goes to waste! By breaking down your trash and figuring out what goes where you can easily and quickly help the environment with just a few minutes extra during your day.

Carpooling To Work

If you drive to work every single day and you find that you are sitting in traffic for hours — running your engine and emitting fumes into the air — why not try carpooling or taking public transportation instead? If fewer people drove on the road and there were fewer cars, there would be less exhaust and fumes emitted into the air.

Go Meat-Free Once Per Week

The next way that you can help save the environment is by going meat-free at least once per week. The meat gathering processes and the ways that factories churn out meat production that is sold in stores is harmful to the environment – avoid buying meat and eating it every single day and instead go vegetarian once per week! 


The last way that you can help save the environment is to cycle at least once per week. If you can cycle to work, or you can cycle part way and take public transit the other way, then consider bringing your bike to work at least once per week. Not only will you get a good workout and good exercise for your mental and physical health, but you can help the environment and the air quality.


Consider following these helpful tips on how to save the environment to avoid emitting harmful fumes into the air, avoid excess pollution from your car, and prevent animal-cruelty practices that can harm the environment. And do not forget about your water usage either, it’s important to save freshwater with dual showerheads where possible since water production also creates carbon emissions. 

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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