How to Choose Floating Wood Shelves​

December 23, 2021
Floating Wood Shelves​

Floating Wood Shelves​

There are several different options to choose from when it comes to wood floating shelves. The first step is working with your space efficiently and selecting the best option for what you need. 

Floating Shelf Length

This includes various lengths-from 9 inch long strips all the way up 36″ ones! Measures out how much wall area will be occupied by these shelves in order determine which type suits both their needs as well as yours. There can sometimes end up looking “smaller” than expected after installation so make sure not only do measure but also think about how big an open shelf look like before installing them into tight corners or spaces. Don’t just measure the length of your floating wood shelves and assume you are getting enough room for all of those DVD’s, books or dishes. Make sure they will hold what you want to store on them before finalizing their purchase!

Floating Shelf Weight Capacity

Heavier items are going to require a solid wood shelf structure. Not only is the actual shelf important, but how you secure it with hardware and what type of material make up your floating shelves design aesthetic should also be considered carefully before choosing one that won’t let anything fall off while providing stability for heavier objects in need!

In order for these products work correctly they oftentimes come pre-drilled or have special brackets on them so there aren’t any nails required from yourself when attaching this panel into place against either studs around 10-50 pounds per individual single wall tier (depending).

Best Wood for Floating Shelves

Walnut, oak and pine are some of the best hardwoods for making floating wood shelves. Maple is another popular choice as it can be made into both finished furniture items such as desks with stains to give them an elegant look or unfinished ones if you want more creative freedom when painting your piece! If space isn’t too big then try using rough cut wood – this means there may still show imperfections in its surface which adds character onto your final product but will also cost less since they won’t have been sanded down yet (and hopefully never).

Bleecker Station – Shelves with Industrial Pipe Brackets

 If you are looking for an open shelving system that is both durable and attractive, then the Bleecker Station might be right up your alley. These shelves come in various heights so they can hold any type or size item whether it’s heavy like canned goods or delicate glassware! If mounting onto wall studs sounds like too much work (or even impossible), don’t worry because all component silts mount without adhesive thanks to their sturdy design which includes 16″ gaps between pipes everywhere except above where two screws attach each leg directly into a joist overhead – providing plenty Of Room

2. Del Hutson Designs – Floating Shelves

The shelves from Del Hutson are a one of kind, and they’re made in the USA! The variations in wood make each piece unique. They measure 3 inches high with 6 1/2 deep frames that can hold up to 24 cans or bottles at once – perfect for your next party invitee list refreshment needs…or else just looking sleek sitting pretty on display around home base Room-fashion (we know you’re going green).

3. SODUKU – Wall Mounted Floating Storage Shelves

If you’re looking for more of a smaller storage solution in either your kitchen or bathroom, these shelves from Soduku come with metal rails and colours that will match whatever style room décor is receiving. They measure 16 1/2″ long x 5 3/4″ deep which makes them perfect to use as an vanity organizer while still allowing plenty of space left over on top!

4. KANKEI – Rustic Wall Mounted Floating Shelves

 If you’re looking for extra storage in your bathroom or office, these shelves from Kankei are the perfect solution. You can customize how many pieces of furniture they hold with just one touch! The only thing that might get heavy duty treatment on this rack is its legs- three different lengths so there’s something available no matter what size space requires extra room underneath cabinets/shelves combo units come equipped with drywall screws but make sure not to overdo it because heavier items may cause them path between floor boards.

5. BAYKA – Wall Mounted Shelves

 The shelves from BAYKA are a versatile and sleek way to maximize space in any room. Made of quality materials, they’ll hold all your essential household items with ease! This package contains three different size options: large 16 1/2″x11in., medium 14″-7″, small 11″. You can install them side by side or one above the other but there’s no wrong answer when it comes these babies because they’re just so cool looking- plus at such affordable prices (especially considering how many you get)! I always loved those triangular brackets that were installed high up on floating wall shelves.

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