Tips on Creating a Minimalistic Space

January 7, 2022

Minimalism is a philosophy that stresses the importance of having fewer possessions. The ‘less is more’ mantra underpins minimalism. However, having fewer possessions in your home is just the start, and what minimalism really wants us to focus on in setting the internal décor is intentionality in choice.

A minimalist home is intentionally decorated with the things you actually need and love, while doing away with everything else. In essence, minimalism is about living simply by spending and owning less. Rather than owning a lot of things, the emphasis is on creating meaningful experiences. While everyone arrives at it in their own way, the result is the same for everyone: a peaceful, decluttered life.

Furthermore, minimalist living eliminates depression, increases energy and focus, and reduces mental fatigue. It’s because clutter is a form of visual distraction that can be draining on your energy systems. A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind. 

Want to minimalize your space the right way? We have jotted down some tips to make your home more minimalistic, so you can also experience the benefits of a decluttered space firsthand. 

Get rid of the non-essentials

You can lead a more minimalist lifestyle by getting rid of everything that isn’t serving a purpose in your life. It can seem challenging at first to part with all the things that you’ve managed to accumulate over all the years, but you must remember that holding onto all the excessive stuff will only lead to messiness. 

It can be especially difficult to notice any damages if your house is always cluttered. Molds could be forming after a basement flooding under all your stuff, and you wouldn’t even notice until the rot spreads to the foundations. 

If you are sentimental about throwing away your stuff, get a friend to help you. When you’re not sure about getting rid of that sweater that you’ve not worn for years, that is just hanging there in the closet taking space, a friend can help you find the strength to finally make the right decision and give it away. 

Use the KonMari Method

Declutter with the KonMari Method, which involves living with intention to let joy into your life. The method recommends decluttering by categorizing all your things into the following: clothing, books, papers, and miscellaneous items.

By following an ordered approach toward decluttering, you might find it easy to distinguish between the things that bring you joy and the things you may no longer need. 

Use a restrained color scheme

White, understated neutrals, barely-there grays, and pastels are essential colors you need to achieve a minimalist-inspired interior. Although you can add brighter colors, we recommend sticking with one or two colors. Further, using colors like beige and white can make a room seem well-lit. You can even add a marble dining table to enhance the minimalist style.

All Your Things Should Be Dual-Purpose

When you own less, it seems prudent to make the best use of the things that you do own. The key to having less, and not needing more, is to only purchase those items that serve more than one purpose. Even tiny changes can make a big difference. Adding cubbies to closets or installing built-in shelves in small, hard-to-access places are just a few examples.  

Bring in the light

You should use bare windows whenever possible. Don’t unnecessarily decorate your windows. The light must flow in uninterrupted through the window glass because it will contribute significantly to your home’s minimalistic look. If you must put up something on the windows, for privacy concerns, then opt for light-colored thin curtains. Sheer curtains in the living room let in a lot of glowing sunlight during the day. 

Prioritizing quality over quantity

Minimalism insists on keeping fewer things at your home. The aim is to choose quality over quantity and deepening your human experiences, rather than making things the center of your life’s attention. Minimalism lets you love the things you use more often and rid yourself of distractions. For instance, a really nice wooden table is better than 5-pieces of press-board furniture.

Make Use of Patterns

Consider patterns on a small scale, tonal or unobtrusive. When it comes to prints, treat them like accent pieces. You can use them for curtains or pillows. A patterned carpet or rug at the center of the room breaks up the monotony that can be a side-effect of minimalism. 

The rules we’ve outlined above are the basics of a minimalist décor. After you have these in place, you can experiment with different minimalistic styles like modern, comfortable, or industrial minimalism.


We hope that using the tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to create the perfect home you’ve always wanted. Moreover, we hope that these handy hacks will help you in transforming your house into a cheerful, decluttered space that brings you happiness.

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