Escape Rooms: What You Need To Know About Escape Room Games

January 13, 2022

Escape games have become quite popular because they are intense and amusing to play. These games require a mix of teamwork, strategy, and provide a lot of excitement while playing them. 

Whether you decide to do it as a teamwork exercise with your workmates or just fun with your friends, an escape game is suitable for anyone who prefers to have a good time. It’s important to know how to escape rooms before you decide to sign up for a game. In this article, you will learn everything about escape room games.

You need to understand the concept

An escape game refers to a game that you can play with a group. Ideally, the foundation of this game is you and co-workers, a group of friends, family members, or even strangers are locked in a room and offered a particular puzzle to solve before you can leave.

Each game runs for about 60 minutes, so you need to figure out the puzzle within this period. Remember that they give you clues to help you solve the puzzle before your timer reaches zero.  

No doubt, it can be a challenge to figure out the answers to the puzzle because there is no shortcut to the escape room. This makes it a fun experience, especially if you have a group of people with various skills. You can use the strengths of each person to leverage a win. 

Make sure you play as a group

It’s worth noting that Hour To Midnight Escape Room Games can be suitable for a group. You need to ensure that your group has fun playing an escape game. This means you need to be in a game that you tolerate and like the people involved. After all, a great group can make the experience better.

That said, you group needs to have a combination of street smarts and book smarts. This does not mean you should have someone who is a super genius to win a game. You can decide to have a person who is slightly street smart and book smart.

Choose a theme

You can have fun by signing up for escape rooms that have themes. You can choose to be escaped convicts or anything else you want. The best way to dress it up is to make sure you match the escape room theme you decide to play. 

There is always a solution to an escape game. Some of the solutions can be obvious while others require you to think outside the box. As explained earlier, you may need 60 minutes or less to solve the puzzle.

Your group may need to take all the time to find a solution or may even fail to solve it. Sometimes, this can happen, but you need to focus on having fun and enjoy the company. Not all the groups solve the puzzle, but you are encouraged to have a lot of fun while playing. This game was designed this way, so make sure that you find an escape game that meets your needs.

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  3. Claire Masters

    It’s interesting to learn about escape rooms and how the experience would be so much better if you have a group of friends to go with you. This is very timely since my friends and I are looking for something to do since lockdown has been lifted. I should pitch in this idea when we talk about our plans on what to do together.


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