How To Rent A Car Being A Student

January 18, 2022

Comfortable moving through the city and traveling are such things that are difficult to eliminate, especially if you are a student. Combining busy schedules and private life is quite complicated, but you can save your time and life energy with a car. Besides, there is a possibility to travel more often, to any place you want to go at any time. What is more, you are free from public transport and have a lower risk of getting contracted with COVID-19. 

Age importance

In NY, the minimum age is 18; in AL, it is 19, but mostly it is 20 for all rental services. Young drivers usually pay a fee to offset the risk, an average from $25 to $30 per day. There are a range of reasons, which are taken into account: lack of experience, excessive speed, alcohol, ignoring the seat belts, mobile phone use and so on. Other car rental age restrictions and requirements of some companies are different in each service. 

Specifics of under 25 car rental

Why are we talking about 25? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a statistic that demonstrates that drivers under 25 age are getting into accidents much more often than drivers over the age of 25.

Nevertheless, if you are a qualified young driver, you might use under 25 car rental services here. Choose the Chevrolet Spark for daily use: the road to your college or university, visiting a supermarket or doctor. Standard SUVs are suitable for long trips with family or friends.

How to rent a car?

Follow by a short guide:

  1. Book your vehicle online: pick up the location, date, and age. It is better to do 3-4 weeks before.
  2. All that is needed is a valid driver’s license without any suspensions, recent or not (if you have it, you can’t rent a car), and a personal debit or credit card. Be ready to pay a Young Renter Fee.
  3. Leave your contact information and confirm the reservation. If you still have questions, contact the company or find the FAQ. Сheck the prepay or pay online on the website.

Don’t forget to bring your documents on the appointed day!

How to rent a car for international students?

It is uneasy when you are under 25 because companies are asking you to pay twice. Requirements are the same as for Americans, but terms and conditions are more strict. You must have a US driver’s license — any other doesn’t give you any rights to drive in the USA, except an International Driving Permit. Please, read the terms and conditions attentively to save yourself from the waste of money and fraud.

What cars can you rent?

There are several categories of a car, which available for students:

  1. Midsize and compact. Examples: Toyota Corolla, Ford Fusion Hybrid.
  2. Full Size. Examples: Chevrolet Malibu, Chevrolet Cruze.
  3. SUV and minivans. Examples: Ford Edge, Chrysler Pacifica.

Some vehicle classes, such as Premium, are excluded. Let’s consider the description of the available categories below.

Mid size/compact classes 

Both are perfect for people who need to move through the city every day without oversized cargo, just for riding to work or kicking back with a couple of friends. The difference isn’t substantial. Technical characteristics start from 100 to 109 cubic feet for compact cars, also called small; four up to five seats and 161-187 inches length.If you need more space, a midsize car will be a middle ground. They have approximately 110-120 cubic feet and are up to 196.8 inches in length. Hatchbacks can be even bigger, about 130 and 159 cubic feet. 

Full size classes

Full Size cars are very spacious, and inner space is more than 120 cubic feet; however, this is not the same as SUVs. Here there is more space for luggage and legroom, which is very comfortable for journeys and transportation of goods.  

SUV and minivans classes

Frequently they have similar designs and look both spacious, but minivans are so much bigger, although people think that SUVs are more remarkable. And that is only one differentiation, and there are at least 10 more between them. Crossover SUVs are one of the safest. It has excellent protection with a low likelihood to roll over because body construction is stiff. Airbags and belts are standard. NHTSA has tested about 21 SUVs and identified them as safest in 2021. Most minivans change annually: some models are redesigned or phased out or improved. Choices are enormous, and it is easy to pick one up for personal needs.

FAQ for under 25-year-old renters

  • How do you find the cheapest rental car?

There are two variants. First, you can analyze the prices on our website and choose flexible arrangements. Secondly, you can ask your college or university about the program of sharing cars with companies, which can give you discounts.

  • Can you pay for rent without a credit card?

Yes, it is possible with some restrictions. 

  • What car will be suitable for me?

Just decide how much space you need and what destination you want to reach. Consider a fuel policy and compare it with possible options of cars. Sometimes it is necessary to pay extra for additional mileage.

  • Can you book the car for someone else?

It is easy. This person should comply with requirements, and all that you must do is fill the form in with their data.


We are sure that you realized that renting a car for students is helpful, increasing your comfort. Now you have enough information to try your first rent or find a new one which will be more lucrative. If you have more questions, read the FAQ or contact us. We promise that you will be pleased with our cooperation and using a car. 

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