How to Rock Boater Hats in Summer without Fail?

February 6, 2022
Boater Hats

Boater Hats

Straw boater hats are classic hats perfect to be worn during the summers. It is a men’s icon, and the best way to wear it is with flair! Boater hats may not be a vital accessory of the summers. However, the style remains relevant in men’s fashion. It is fascination, elegance, and authenticity all in one. 

Boater hats come from straw. The straw used is stiff and flat, called sennit. Original hat pieces had braided or plaited colored straws. However, boater hats have taken plenty of different styles in recent times. Plenty of other chic materials help to construct a boater hat. Laces, canvas, or raffia are some of the popular materials used.  

You can go for a traditional straw hat for casual looks or romantic outdoor days. A proper boater hat is somewhat short in shape, with a flat brim and crown.

There are plenty of names used for the boater hat, such as the skimmer, sennit hat, or the basher. Earlier, proper etiquette involved men wearing hats at all times when leaving their homes. But one particular tradition had men switching felt hats with straw hats. Straw hat day is celebrated as the onset of summer. But the date of the tradition varied from region to region. This brimmed hat is a perfect accessory for summer with a flat top. Boater hats also made quite a statement in the sportswear trend during the 1930s. Sports like horse-riding and cycling were popular for boater hats. Typical boaters also feature striped or solid ribbed ribbon across the crown.

Boater hats can fit in any casual summer outing, but they are a rare sight as you can see them mostly on rowing or sailing events. It may also be a part of some school uniforms.

Boater hats earlier were worn at political rallies held in summer. Even today, some wear this style during political events, as summer hats get associated with warmer months because of their history.

Where can you get the perfect boater hat?

Plenty of retailers still deal with boater hats, which is also quite a variety. Despite boater hats being a rare sight, the style is persistent. Check them out before you step out in the sun! The technique can also be called a go-to for summer days.

Styling your boater hat

Wondering how to style your boater hat this summer? Go no further!

Save yourself from the sun, and at the same time rock a put-together outfit. You can wear your hat faintly tilted towards the side or front. Wearing your hat tilted can give a modern touch to your summer accessory.

Several men fear looking out of order. Especially when it comes to donning authentic hat styles. However, in all honesty, fear is not without merit. At least not all of it. Beyond everything else, a wearer’s outfit must match the shape of his face in terms of occasion. It will look unappealing without the style complementing every other part of your outfit.

But the key is to wear it with confidence. Once you follow basic guidelines, you can style a boater hat in the perfect way possible!

As a relatively formal summer accessory, the hat style is justly equivalent to formal hats. The hat looks great when paired with traditional outfits. Boater hats look great with blazers or summer suits. Matching trousers and jackets are perfect to wear with boater hats.

Similar to the homburg hats used in black-tie events as traditional wear. If you are wearing a tuxedo, try experimenting with black hat bands. You can also add color for your black-tie-out by trying out colorful hat bands. Boater hats can also be worn as an excellent choice for black-tie occasions during summers.

Boater hats frequently feature large brims; thus, it is essential to keep face shapes in mind. Generally, oval faces look great with wide brims. On the other hand, narrow brims are best for round or square face shapes. Men with chiseled and facial solid features can rock boater hats with ease. Checkout Untcanvas.

Get confidence with hats

Boater hats take more confidence when wearing the style as a fashion statement. However, you can rock the style pretty quickly and without much hassle with proper styling. Boater straw hats remain evergreen as a summer style essential. When testing with fashion, you can try out different textures and colors. The fashion world is ever-evolving. Each season brings a new wave of style statements. But the boater hat has been a style essential throughout the years. But every year fetches a new set of colors and styles.

Try matching your hats with solid-color combination outfits that can bring out the fashion setter in you! You can match your headgear with your outfit or keep it in sharp contrast. Both can do wonders to highlight your dressing in an event.

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