What kind of tourism can be found in the Umbria region?

February 5, 2022

Umbria is a well preserved Italian treasure, which is also known as “The Green Heart of Italy ”. This region has been gifted by nature and valued by history, which offers a unique and highly fulfilling  touristic experience.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting, inspiring and delightful experiences that would make you spend an unforgettable holiday in Umbria and if you want to plan it you can just visit a site like this.

Explore the multifaceted Italian culture:history, art, handicrafts and more!

Museums, necropolises, welles, ancient hypogea, catacombs and archeological parks still witness the impressive marks and influences of the first populations that lived in ancient  Umbria such as : Etruscans, Umbrians, Romans, Byzantines and Lombards. 

Umbria has always been the perfect muse for contemporary or ancient artists like   Perugino Frescoes and Alberto Burri or Perugino, Giotto, Cimabue, Nicola Pisano and Arnolfo di Cambio. You can walk through the most famous places to the most hidden corners in Umbria cities and contemplate the most expressive and inspiring art works and masterpieces. If you are especially interested in Italian art history, do not miss to visit     the National Gallery of Umbria, the National Archeological Museum, Palazzo della Penna and the Hypogeum of volumes.

The best way to explore Umbria’s culture is to experience the real and with the bus tours in kentucky, alive and so reachable traditional art through craftsmanship. Umbria’s ceramics, artistic wood, traditional textile, embroidery decorations, traditional printing techniques and goldsmith’s art have perfectly perpetuated and shown Italian history and art.

Walk along the inspiring spiritual roads and discover the mystical side of Umbria!

You can simply go for a trip to visit and discover the most fascinating places in Umbria but you can also go for a memorable spiritual journey. The beautiful and peaceful nature of Umbria has deeply inspired hermits which made it an extraordinary land of saints. You can choose the way of Saint Francis or

the way of the Franciscan Proto-martyrs to follow the steps of saints and pilgrims in their religious itinerary and connect with the spiritual side of the region. You can consider it as a great opportunity for meditation and prayer or even as an exciting way to travel in time and experience a multidimensional trip.  

Whether you believe in miracles, legends or simply in the relaxing and spiritual power of nature, the therapeutic sanctuaries of Umbria such as San Felice Abbey,  the Church of Holy Apostles of Cancelli or the sanctuary of Santa Maria Giacobbe have always kept their magical side and are still worthy to visit.

Awaken your senses through unique culinary experiences!

Umbria offers to her visitors outstanding culinary experiences to guarantee the perfect and unforgettable immersion into the Umbrian culture and traditions.

In Umbria you can live and share your passion across the routes of oil and wine, where you can explore the traditional production process, experience a different lifestyle and taste typical extra virgin olive oil and excellent wine.

Umbrian gastronomy is simple, pure and inspired from nature. Let your senses travel through ancient and memorable flavors, discover typical earth products and taste  traditional ingredients and recipes.

Listen to the call of nature and bike on the rhythm of Umbria!

The natural diversity and the culture richness made Umbria an idyllic region for biking. Imagine that you can combine biking passion and getting in touch with nature, history and with the deep and intimate culture of “The green heart of Italy”. Countless exciting itineraries are ready to vibrate under your two wheels and countless breathtaking landscapes are waiting to be seen and eternally recorded in your memory, pictures and dreams. You can opt for road biking or mountain biking and let the view and sensations dictate your rhythm and inspire you for the next path.

You can also take a rest at the peaceful Umbria villages and enjoy the perfect escape. These small gifted and authentic villages suggest real, unique and totally unexpected experiences: medieval monuments, festivals, typical products and more.

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