5 Reasons To Show Gratitude In A Relationship

February 18, 2022

There’s no relationship without its share of problems. They all have their challenges. However, there’s one crucial way you can help your relationship, and that’s through gratitude. More people now know how the simple act of expressing gratitude as part of their daily lives can improve their happiness and relationships. When someone helps or gifts you, you often express your appreciation by thanking them.

Scientifically, however, gratitude comprises emotion and action. The Positive Psychology researchers define gratitude where they quantify its effects and thus argue that it exceeds the feeling of thanksgiving. It is a deeper appreciation for someone or something that produces lasting positivity.

Therefore, one question arises. Why do you have to be grateful? The following post will look at five reasons to show gratitude in a relationship. So, let’s begin. 

Boosts Your Optimism

The correlation between gratitude and optimism is strong. We are happier, healthier and studies show that we can live longer by being optimistic. Just for this benefit, keeping a gratitude journal for 5 minutes a day would be worth it.

Participants in one study reported an increase of 5% in optimism by keeping a gratitude journal weekly. Another study also found the daily practice of gratitude led to a rise in optimism by 15%. You might also send a grateful card to someone to acknowledge their impact on your life because of a specific act or thing.

Gratitude significantly correlates with optimism. All the studies above show that an increase in appreciation increases optimism. It is not just a correlation.

Improves Relationships

A study in the Harvard Mental Health Letter finds that those who take time to express gratitude for their partners not only feel more positive about their relationship but are also more likely to express concerns directly.

Studies have also shown that gratitude and generosity go hand in hand, with advantages for the giver and the receiver! Researchers have observed a link between appreciation and increased oxytocin (the love hormone). It may explain why a study found those who expressed gratitude felt more caring and loving towards their partners.

According to a psychology study, people who went beyond the simple thank you truly create more outstanding bonds of intimacy with their partners. For instance, instead of thanking someone for delivering the package, you might appreciate them picking it up and taking it to the primary office. You further state that it meant a lot and that they helped you because you’ve had a crazy week.

By saying how much you value your partner and meet their needs, you express how you appreciate them. Thank them for dropping off your package. Let them know that going to the post office means driving a considerable distance. This praise leads to a more positive relationship than just highlighting a sacrifice.

Improves Decision-Making

Many of your decisions can tire you, making you decide to automate them subconsciously. For instance, when choosing where to eat, you must consider dozens of variables, including how much time and money you will spend, how far you will travel, what to order once you get there, and many more. Deliberating on each of these things can overwhelm your mind. The issue becomes even worse in complex cases, like making a diagnosis if you’re a doctor.

In one study, doctors had a hypothetical patient’s list of ailments. The patient provided misleading information showing another hospital had diagnosed the patient with lupus. With a token of appreciation, half of the doctors felt gratitude. People who received no gratitude were more likely to remain with the incorrect lupus diagnosis; It motivated those who exerted more effort on their patient and reciprocated the appreciation.

Gratitude motivates better decision-making, as shown in the above study. When you cultivate gratitude, you find that tokens of appreciation appear every day.

You Become Friendlier

According to a study, many people associate gratitude with prosocial behavior. Maintaining a gratitude journal is excellent for making you more likely to offer emotional support to others and help them with their problems. But why is this the case?

People are more friendly when they are grateful for the following reasons:

  • In the natural tendency to reciprocate compassion, gratitude helps to perceive kindness. It may be challenging to recognize when someone is doing you a favor if you don’t feel grateful, like anger showing when someone is attempting to harm you.
  • You are happier and more energetic when you feel gratitude, and both highly correlate with prosocial behavior.

Helps You Bounce Back

Sometimes you might feel down. For example, you may have depression, anxiety, or loneliness. But you won’t become immune to negative feelings by simply being grateful. Negative emotions are a normal part of life. Gratitude, however, promotes resilience. It means you bounce back faster. You are less likely to remain upset for very long.

The more gratitude you exhibit, the bolder your coping style is. The more likely you are to have and seek social support when in need, the less likely you develop PTSD, and the more likely you are to be happier and grow during stressful times.


As shown above, there are various reasons to show gratitude in a relationship. For instance, it boosts optimism, improves relationships, you become friendlier, and more. Therefore, it would be best to incorporate it into your relationship today.

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