Seven Ways To Get Your Home Selling Ready

February 18, 2022

Homeowners, do not neglect your home’s exterior! While the interior of your property may be up to you and your family, what others see from the outside is important as well. Keep in mind that most people judge a book (or house) by its cover.

Your home’s curb appeal is how it looks at first glance when put next to other homes or buildings on the same street or area. Many people immediately decide whether they want to stop and investigate further based on this first impression. 

For example, suppose someone passed by 10 houses with average interiors, but one house had an overgrown backyard with old cars illegally dumped in the corner. In that case, the chances are high that person will not even consider entering that house.

But What Exactly Goes Into Increasing A Home’s Curb Appeal?

  • Mow The Lawn

This is pretty self-explanatory, but when was the last time you mowed your lawn? If it has been too long, then grass could be much higher than other houses on the street. While having tall grass may benefit certain plants in need of deep shade or hiding from thirsty animals, keep in mind that many people will not want to investigate further if there are weeds taller than their heads!

  • Paint

Many homeowners neglect painting their house, because they think it is too expensive or requires too much work. However, this renovation may only require one weekend day and some cheap paint from your local hardware store. In addition, by repainting your house with colors that pop, you will definitely increase its curb appeal.

  • Trim The Hedges And Shrubs

Even if you do not have a yard or garden, keeping trees and bushes well-trimmed is important for home aesthetics. For example, a potential buyer may speed past your house without stopping if unsightly branches are reaching out toward the street or sidewalk. Also, note how other houses on the street have trimmed landscaping so you can try to imitate this look.

  • Paint Your Roof

Many roofs are dark and unattractive, especially when put next to other well-painted houses or buildings. So not only is painting your roof with RPS Metal Roofing paint is an inexpensive way to increase home curb appeal, but it can also help prevent fire hazards in rainy climates.

  • Clean The Windows

Many homeowners neglect cleaning their windows as with the roof because they think it is too much work. However, having clean windows go a long way toward increasing home curb appeal and making them look sparkling and new.

  • Re-Side Your House

If you do not have siding on your house already, then adding some exterior panels could be beneficial for both aesthetic reasons as well as for energy efficiency. However, keep in mind that this renovation will probably be more expensive than others.

  • Paint The Front Door

A potential buyer will want to be able to close your front door without seeing a paint job that is chipped or faded, so painting this frequently used door may increase home curb appeal. Also, consider changing up the style of this door, such as upgrading it to a wooden entryway.

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