After-40 Bedroom Advice Every Couple Must Follow

February 18, 2022

Forty is no longer an age when people start worrying about aging. It is a new beginning when you are wiser, more stable, and stress-free. Most professionals reach their career goals by this age. You are likely to have achieved your parenting goals by completing your family. While everything tends to be on the good side after forty, your relationship intimacy may take a blow. Couples often lose the bedroom spark due to low energy levels, tight schedules, or waning attraction. Thankfully, there are ways to keep the heat on, provided you are committed to your relationship. Here is some practical after-40 advice every couple must follow:

Accept the physical changes

Physical changes are imminent for men and women when they reach middle age. You are likely to have more flab in the wrong areas. Even your turn-on factors may change down the line. But you should not let these changes interfere with your physical intimacy at any point. Embrace them and be comfortable with them, and encourage your partner to do the same. You will not have to worry about missing out on your attraction for each other.

Be comfortable in bed

You cannot expect to be as energetic and acrobatic in bed as you were in your twenties and thirties. Aches and pains are common once you reach the forties, but they should not stop you from getting cozy. Prioritize comfort as you get intimate with your partner. Everything boils down to finding the right positions, and you may have the best time in the bedroom as usual.

Do not stop playing

Most couples complain about their bedroom becoming boring after the forty-plus milestone. But you can do your bit by being playful together. Make sure that you use your private moments to have fun. Surprise your partner with a real whizzinator XXX and bring the spark back. Consider it as an investment that can keep bedroom excitement intact as you grow old together. Try something different often to maintain the playful element.

Discuss your needs

Nothing in the bedroom should happen for individual pleasure. Everything should be for the couple, whether you are twenty or forty. The good thing is that you can discuss your needs more confidently after being in the relationship for decades. If something does not work for you, tell your partner right away. You can try something different that makes both of you happy about being together.

Be consistent

You are mistaken if you think you can go without getting intimate with your partner after forty. The spark is as important as it was when you first met. Be consistent with your lovemaking sessions to keep the attraction levels high. Have conversations, indulge in eye contact, and touch each other more. You will not have to put a lot of effort into consistency if you just focus on being together.

A frequent change of scenery is another good piece of advice for couples over forty. Drop the kids off to grandparents once a month and spend a romantic weekend out of town. Keep things fresh, and forty will be only a number! 

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