How To Choose Mix-and-Match Bridesmaid Dresses

April 1, 2022

Traditionally, bridesmaid dresses were uniform and not distinct. They were made to fall under the shadow of the wedding dress. Nowadays, the story is a little different. Today, the brides are switching it up by having mix-matched bridesmaid dresses where all the members of the bridal train are all in different gorgeous dress styles. 

Choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress for your big day can be a daunting task. There are a plethora of design options available to choose from. Apart from that, you would have to consider one that would suit every member of your bridal train. 

On the other hand, using mismatched bridesmaid gowns poses a fresh set of issues. If done wrongly, the wedding party might look disorganized and fragmented instead of cohesive and well planned. This might feel a little much, but here are the best ways to choose bridesmaid dresses that check all your boxes.

Choose a common detail

Uniform bridesmaid dresses aren’t popular anymore. Notwithstanding, the dresses need a particular detail that sets them apart from a “regular” dress. The detail could be a ruffle or a pattern that runs along with the clothing that is unique to only the bridesmaids. 

Dress details may be obvious or subtle, depending on the individual. Although having a pronounced detail may distract people’s attention from the actual dress.

Pick a palette with similar undertones

This is an excellent option for mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses. For example, after getting the style of dresses, you could choose materials with colors that complement each other. Another good idea would be to select different shades of the same color. 

By allowing similar color choices, you can even variate the style of the individual dresses. This is a good idea when every member of your bridal train has a different stature. They can all style their dresses to what suits their body type.

To emphasize the uniqueness of your bridesmaid’s dresses, you could go for colors that catch people’s attention. Going for themes like burnt orange bridesmaid dresses, teal bridesmaid dresses, etc., are great for achieving this.

Go for a multi-faceted dress 

This is an excellent idea for a mix-matched bridesmaid. You select a generic dress for your bridesmaid that can be styled in different ways, so each member looks unique to their own style. This also accommodates bridesmaids with different body shapes. They can choose other styling options that suit them the most. 

This is very appealing because it is not as costly as making different gowns with different styles for each individual. Instead, you have a general design that caters to each individual without causing extra work for the designer. More importantly, less cost for you, the bride.

Play around with texture

To keep things simple, you can select a material for the whole crew, and they can design and sew their own style. This brings a little bit of added chaos to the bridesmaids’ dress. The chaos is then calmed because the dresses have the same texture.

This is a good option because the design of the dresses is not left to you, and the burden is lifted off your shoulders. You can also focus on other essential wedding matters. This option also caters to bridesmaids with different body types. This ensures that everyone is comfortable with whatever design choices are made. 

Mix of dresses and jumpsuits

Bridesmaid dressing in the 21st century is not limited to dresses. Jumpsuits are a popular alternative to dresses. If people in your crew aren’t comfortable in dresses, you could add in a mix of jumpsuits. This is also a good option for functional reasons if you have a bridesmaid who would take on a lot of tasks on the day. Mixing in jumpsuits is an excellent way to add a chaotic flair to your bridal train.

Shake things up 

The idea of mixing up clothes for your bridal train is worth considering at least once. It allows everyone to stand out without overshadowing the bride. Each individual bridesmaid is accorded with a second look because their dress would be different from the other. 

The human eye mainly scans instead of looks. This means with everything you look out for, your brain generalizes and assumes a lot. This is especially true when you look at very similar things. Nothing stands out. With a mix-matched bridal crew, you can be sure that everyone would stand out in their own way. 

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