Five ways International Travel Changed after 2020

April 14, 2022


We all wanted to make traveling a hobby, a way to relax, unwind and experience new things, but when the pandemic hit the world, everything changed. Traveling abroad seems hard as most businesses got affected, and some companies closed due to the sudden loss of tourists arriving in their countries. Government restrictions were raised all over the globe to protect its locals and shut down their borders to international travels. Luckily, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Nations brought back travel in haste by following the government guidelines and safety protocols and the locals’ efforts.

With what happened, tourists worldwide were eager to hop back on the planes and travel across countries to continue their canceled itineraries before the pandemic. And because of that, here are the five things that have changed in international travel after 2020.

Safety Protocols everywhere

Pandemic hit us on our knees and put us down on the ground. Luckily the world responded immediately to regain back our lives after what happened. Hence, as we started to go back to traveling abroad, we are now required to show every port and boarders our proof of vaccination and negative COVID test to ensure we haven’t brought any viral threat. We also need to remember that in every country, there are also different safety protocols to follow depending on the city, state, or any tourist spot you go to – so you need to plan ahead of time where and what to do to minimize the time you spent on health protocols alone.

Travel insurance is a must have for travel in 2022. It covers you against all kinds of uncertainties like flight cancellation, baggage loss and even medical emergencies. Here is a good list of travel insurance plans to buy for visitors to USA.


Although pandemic puts us nearly in a standstill, some things make pandemics a blessing in disguise. Alongside the lockdown of humans inside their homes, was the time that nature flourished back to its beauty. This is because of the sudden lowering of the pollution emitted by humans. Hence, tourists are now turning to sustainable travel and more Eco-tourism trends for the following years. Reducing your carbon footprint is another way to support sustainability; if you plan to travel abroad or even just inside your home country, try to check certified green hotels and some eco-friendly activities.

A more prominent role for the small communities.

There are new things that we have discovered just after the pandemic. New local businesses emerged from new tourist spots and even much cleaner hot spots. These discoveries were made with the help of small local communities. When the world shuts down its borders, these local communities play a huge part in protecting and preserving the tourist spots we have known long before. If you are just back or new to traveling, try going to more minor dense tourist spots; we can achieve much more sustainable travel tours. Also, it is another way to promote the culture of the locals in the country and make them known all over the globe.

It’s more of “Quality over Quantity”.

Because of what the pandemic did to us, most holidaymakers now think about how and why they travel all of their lives. They are putting more time into thinking about their bucket list and how well they will spend their precious time traveling. With that, some travelers intend to venture more into self-planned travels and do more research on the itinerary they will follow to devote more time on what they want to do instead of spending so much time in places with large crowds. Everyone wants to achieve relaxation after the pandemic and the hustle and bustle of work when everybody gets back to the offices. Hence, the idea of quality over quantity is the aim of most travelers.

Quality over quantity doesn’t mean that travelers intend to go to places they want but also means that they are considering their time spent on a specific destination. Beaches are overrated and gather too much crowd; consequently, hiking and mountaineering are emerging. Connecting with nature is now a trend for most of us, and that is what every traveler needs to take advantage of because there is still a small number of tourists who are trying to explore mountains as it is just starting to emerge.

Communications and Marketing.

We are always looking forward to our travels long before the pandemic starts, and when it emerges, all of a sudden, every one of us is much more aware of what we want in life after being locked down inside our homes. One of the critical things, while the pandemic is on a spike, is communication, and communicating has become a crucial thing in our travels. The tourism market is also taking part in the upgrade of communication and marketing strategy, and some hotels offer discounts and new promos that travelers can avail themselves of. Likewise, if you plan to travel, check your previous checked-in hotels. They might have unique features that you want to help yourself with.

All of us are now adjusting to every change that the pandemic brought to us. And because of that, we are now more open to changes and much more aware of adjustments. If you are a first-time traveler, try new things, and explore new ways of planning. There is so much more to offer, but don’t forget that safety is still our number one priority!

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