5 Ways to Save Money While Traveling

June 30, 2022

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Traveling on a budget is easy if you know where to cut back. Budget traveling is all about planning and limiting yourself. However, just because you’re limited does not mean you can’t enjoy your trip. Here are some smart hacks that experienced travelers use all the time to wander without throwing money around.

1. Plan Your Budget Before the Trip

This first tip may seem obvious, but it’s not what you think. When people travel on a budget for the first time, they tend to make a vague list that covers travel expenses and accommodation. However, you need to go a little deeper than that.

It sounds restriction, but you need to plan what you’re going to eat every day. You should also look online for souvenirs beforehand and think about which ones you’ll buy. Plan how much you’ll spend each day and try not to go over $50 dollars.

Don’t just make the list and then leave it home. Carry it with you while you explore. It’ll serve as a great reminder that you shouldn’t spend over the budget.

2. Travel During Off-Season

Do not travel around Christmas time. Everything becomes more expensive between November and February as the holiday season picks up and people go see their family. Summer traveling may also be expensive, but it depends on where you’re going.

Keep an eye out for discounts for both transportation and accommodation. There are plenty of apps that notify you when prices are down.

3. Look for Inexpensive Activities

Before leaving, look up fun, inexpensive activities to keep you occupied. Depending on your destination, there may be many free concerts, shows, and events that you can visit for free. Many of these may be locally funded, so make sure to ask locals as well.

While an expedition sounds adventurous, they can be rather expensive. You may find that mingling with the locals beats tourist attractions in price and excitement.

4. Use Public Transportation

Use public transportation instead of renting a car or using taxi services. Some cities have confusing train or bus systems, so research how they work just to be safe.

5. Get Your Groceries with Instacart

Last but not least, instead of buying food, cook for yourself. Buying groceries and making your own meals is a lot less expensive than spending money on food every day.

And you don’t even have to spend money to get to the supermarket. If you have an Instacart promo code, you can get free shipping when you order food from Instacart.

Instacart does not offer any senior citizen discount, student discount, or military discount. Instead, you can join the referral program and save money the next time you place an order with exclusive coupon codes. You can also take advantage of the Instacart holiday sales and get free shipping.

Contact Instacart via Facebook, Twitter, or their about us page for more information on deals and promos.

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