Buying Loose Diamonds: A Guide to Shoppers

April 14, 2022
Loose Diamonds

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How to buy a diamond ring without getting duped? Which diamond is best for jewelry? People have started buying loose diamonds since the best kind of diamonds that would be really worth your money are those you buy separately from the whole ring thing since you are going to get more freedom when it comes to the choices of kinds of diamonds when you choose wholesale loose diamonds in Dallas. You are going to get exactly what you want, and how you want it. But how do you buy loose diamonds? Where do you start? Here is buying loose diamonds: a guide to shoppers, aka you.

What to look for when buying a loose diamond?

1. Set your budget

When you go diamond shopping, it is important that you go into it with a budget that is set in your mind since there are a lot of options, and this could help you really narrow down your choices. When you are setting your budget, you have to know which of the qualities of the stone you are prioritizing, choosing between the size and the quality is something you have to also take into account.

2. Responsibility

When you are choosing the company on which you are purchasing your loose diamond, you have to be responsible for choosing a reliable and committed one that is sourcing its diamonds directly from the mines, recycles their metals, and supports the Kimberley Process.

3. Choose your shape

Different types of Diamond Shapes

  • Marquise

○  If you really want to make sure that you maximize the carat weight of your diamond, then choosing the marquise-cut could be a great option since it really tends to emphasize the size of the diamond, appearing longer compared to other diamond shapes.

  • Round brilliant

○  Round brilliant cuts tend to be more flexible when it comes to the 4Cs, making it one of the most popular diamond cuts there is since you would be able to adjust the stone to the price range that you need without having to sacrifice the quality of the other grades.

  • Pear

○ The pear-shaped diamond looks like a teardrop, combining both the round and the marquise cut to make it look like it. It gives it a more slender shape that looks like a pear, maximizing the brilliance and giving it a look that is soft and delicate.

  • Oval

○ Oval diamonds are very classy but modern, giving you a chance to pair them with other kinds of jewelry since they could match with basically anything and everything.

  • Asscher

○ They tend to look a lot like emerald-cut diamonds, but Assche is more square than rectangle.

  • Princess

○ You could be able to choose whether or not to avail the princess-cut diamond in square or rectangle, showing certain colors that are very captivating at the corners of the diamond cut, giving off a very unique vibe.

  • Cushion

○ This cut, as it says in the name, is kind of shaped like a pillow. The cushion-cut appears very sparkly because they have corners that are rounded and their facets are much bigger.

  • Emerald

○ If you are looking to stray away from normal diamond engagement rings, then an emerald cut is an amazing option that you could use. It is rectangular in shape complemented with large rectangular facets as well.

  • Radiant

○ Compared to all of the other cuts, if the sparkle of the stone is something you are worried about, then the radiant-cut is the right shape for you since the sparkle of this cut is extremely beautiful because of the corners of the stone that are trimmed uniquely.

4. Safety

You could keep each of your diamonds safe by placing each of them in individual parcels or maybe a plastic box with the labels, grading reports, and certificate so that you know where it is, especially if you are planning to sell them.

5. Certified

Before you even try to put your wallets out, you have to make sure that the diamond that you are buying is certified by GIA or AGS since they are the most reliable laboratories that you could turn to when it comes to certificates and reliable when it comes to their grading systems. You have to get your diamond certified to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth when it comes to the loose diamond that you are buying.

6. Set your Diamond

After you choose the perfect loose diamond, it is time to put it on an engagement ring or on any other type of jewelry. This is great because then you would get to basically customize that set of jewelry and really make it your own, but there are many other design options that you could choose from if you do not want to personalize it.

Buying Loose diamonds that are ethically sourced and from companies that are reliable would really help make your diamond shopping experience better, since you know that the diamond that you are buying is definitely worth your money.

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