Diamond Cuts – A World of Choice

August 7, 2019

The old song goes, ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,’ and from what I’ve learned about ladies over the years, this is absolutely true. In my opinion (and from feedback from my female friends) nothing makes a lady feel more special than a beautiful diamond. These exquisite stones go with absolutely any item of clothing and due to their prestige make the wearer feel as special as the stones are. Regardless of whether mounted in a ring, a necklace, earrings or a bracelet, diamonds are special and the undisputed king of precious stones.

Although almost everyone on the planet is familiar with diamonds, very few of us are familiar with the various cuts. Obviously, diamond cutting is a highly specialised craft, with wholesale diamonds Sydney shops like Certified Diamond Network being the best place to provide advice prior to purchase. I was reading a blog the other day and it mentioned different cuts of diamond, this piqued my interest, so I decided to have an in-depth look at the different cuts available from quality diamond specialists and share my newfound knowledge with my readers. So, without further ado, please see below for some of the most popular diamond cuts and a quick overview of their timeless qualities:

  • Round Brilliant Cut – The round brilliant cut diamond is easily the most popular shape of diamond. Cut to maximise its fire and brilliance, this diamond shape has adorned women for hundreds of years and as a result makes a great investment if you are interested in vintage jewellery.
  • Princess Cut – Available in both square and rectangular cuts, this cut is notable for the way the colours are emitted from the corners as well as the centre.
  •  Marquise Cut – This particular cut is said to be the best shape for maximising carat weight and maximising diamond size and is said to look most striking on women with slender fingers and hands.
  •  Cushion Cut – Sometimes known as a pillow-cut diamond due to its shape, their rounded corners and larger facets facilitate remarkable brilliance and clarity and are available in both square and rectangular shapes.
  • Emerald Cut – A very popular cut for engagement rings mainly because of their large rectangular table which makes the brilliance and the colours much more apparent.
  • Radiant Cut – Radiant cut diamonds feature trimmed corners which combine the very best qualities of the emerald cut and round diamond. The radiant cut is said to be the perfect accompaniment to other diamonds of differing cuts.
  • Pear Shaped – A perfect combination of the round and marquise cuts, it is important to opt for excellent symmetry for optimum brilliance.
  • Oval Cut – A very popular choice for all manner of jewellery but particularly engagement rings and necklaces.
  • Asscher Cut – Similar and often mistaken for an emerald cut diamond, the Asscher cut was created in the 1920’s and is seeing something of resurgence today.

So, there you have it, my brief descriptions of some of the more popular diamond cuts available. For more in-depth information from a specialist, visit your favourite jewellery shop in your locality.

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