Diamonds: Where To Buy Diamonds In Fort Worth?

August 6, 2021

Looking for the best jewelry stores in Fort Worth, TX could be a hard task to do especially if you do not know where to start looking for a place to buy quality wholesale diamonds in Fort Worth. But popping the question is definitely one of the milestones in our lives that is worth doing all this work for. Who has the best price in diamonds? Where to buy diamonds in Fort Worth?


Best Jewelry Stores Fort Worth:

1.    Marquise Jewelers

The Marquise Jewelers has an extensive collection of jewelry, bands, and engagement rings that have unique and classy designs. That staff are experienced so they would be able to help the customer really choose the right one for them. They offer a one-year guarantee for manufacturing defects like missing stones, loose diamonds and clasp breakage and you could return unused items within ten days.

2.    Troy Vinson Jewelers

This is a family-owned jewelry store, and they have been operating since 1971. They always strive to provide the finest, highest quality of jewelry, repair and custom design, having very passionate sales staff that could help and guide you with all your needs and concerns. They provide insurance and have GIA certified gemologists and provide the best cleaning service to make sure that your jewelry is in the best shape and beauty. They also use cutting-edge technologies for your jewelry and watch repairs. 

3.    Kubes Jewelers, Inc.

This is another family-owned jewelry store in Fort Worth Texas. It is a four-generation family that has highly trained staff including 3 GIA graduate gemologists and 2 diamond graduates. They also offer designer lines like Simon G, Whitehouse and Coast.

Where Is The Cheapest Place In The World To Buy Diamonds?

If you are looking for the cheapest place to buy a diamond, India is actually the cheapest, followed by China, Dubai, Thailand and Belgium. They are the countries that cut diamonds,which is what makes them the cheapest place to buy loose diamonds. Buying a diamond as close to the source as possible saves money. Though many diamonds are mined in Africa, they are only sold in buld to diamond cutters (the country that was lifted above) which is why it is still cheaper to buy diamonds from those countries.

Can You Negotiate Diamond Prices?

Yes, diamond prices are mostly negotiable at most stores. There is literally no reason why you cannot negotiate to get the ring that you want to buy at a lower price and would make it fit your budget. 

How do you negotiate?

●     Do research on the diamond quality

  • You should make sure that you know the Cs of diamond quality: Cut, Carat, Clarity, and Color. The lower quality diamonds are not as transparents, do not sparkle, are smaller, and may appear to have a smoky color. 

●     Know what you want

  • Setting your standards and knowing what you want and what cut you want is such an advantage. A salesperson could try and sell you what they want with a high price if you go into their shop looking unsure. Do not let the salesperson talk and show you diamonds that do not catch your eye and do not interest you.

●     Take initiative with the salesperson

  • Salespeople love selling diamonds at the ticket price because it would mean they would get better commission. You could ask questions about the C’s of the diamonds so that you could show the person selling you the jewelry that you are knowledgeable. If they refuse to negotiate the price, you could just leave because you will find a store that is.

●     Ask for freebies

  • During the negotiating, the person selling you the ring could also include the extras, but if they are not you could bring it up. These extras may or may not include certification and the ring box since some of the jewelry stores give you these offers.

How Do I Get The Best Price For A Diamond Ring?

  1. Search vintage
  2. Be wary of local retail jewelers
  3. Do not over-focus on clarity
  4. Over-focus on cut
  5. Do not go into debt over a ring

You could buy quality wholesale diamonds in Fort Worth by choosing to shop in Shira Diamonds for the best offers with the best qualities. They offer a variety of ring options that are also GIA certified to ensure that you have the best quality of diamond engagement rings in Fort Worth.

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