Three Things To Consider When Buying A Hockey Stick

August 6, 2021

The hockey stick is the main character when it comes to playing hockey which is why buying a hockey stick should be given proper attention. The player uses the hockey stick to pass, shoot, block shots, intercept passes, and cut off players while passing lanes. In the old days, all hockey sticks were made out of wood. But in today’s time, there are lots of options available, which is why buying the right hockey stick is very important and can be a daunting task. Here are three things you should consider when choosing a hockey stick.

1) Material Of The Shaft

In the initial days, hockey sticks were made from wood, but now there are a wide variety of materials used. Hockey stick manufacturers mix and match different materials to decrease weight, change their flex, durability, and much more. Using a mixture of materials allows manufacturers to enhance the features of hockey sticks which provide greater performance in shooting and passing.

The shaft is from where the hockey stick is held during playing. The contours of the shaft should be properly shaped to provide a better grip and feel of the hand. Rounded corners are easier to hold, but some players might prefer square corners. The walls of the shaft can be straight or concave, so before buying the hockey sticks for sale, you should hold them to see which one is right for you. Some hockey stick shafts have grip technology to give you a greater grip. However, you can find a non-grip stick through custom shops.

2) Flex

The flex of the shaft is the measurement of how much the stick bends when pressure is applied to it. The flex of the shaft has a great impact on the performance. The stick’s flex rating refers to the number of pounds of pressure that can be applied to the center of the shaft till the shaft bends one inch. The greater the sticks flex rating, the stiffer the stick is. In order to pick the correct flex of the shaft, you should consider your playing style, weight, and personal likes. But generally, a flex that is one-half of the player’s body weight should be considered.

3) Kick Point

Kick point refers to the point where the shaft bends most when players pass and shoot, and this has a huge impact on the overall performance of the player. There are three kick points that need focus low, high and mid. It is important for the player to find the correct kick point to perform their best which is why it is the first thing you should consider while choosing a hockey stick.

In order to choose the right kick point, you need to look at your playing style. A low kick point is good for those who are looking for quick-motion shots and prefer release speed over release power. On the other hand, the mid-kick point is ideal for players who are comfortable in taking shots from anywhere inside the offensive and have a diverse playing style.

In A Nutshell

The above-mentioned three aspects should be given great thought when choosing a hockey stick. The type of hockey stick a player chooses will greatly impact the player’s overall performance.

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