The Advantages Of Owning A Lodge

April 23, 2022

Every dream holiday starts with one thing – your accommodation.

Being the most crucial element of your holiday, your accommodation, when chosen correctly, can elevate your holiday experience to unforgettable heights.

As with many of the millions who holiday in the UK, you are likely wondering how to find that special accommodation to fulfill your ideal getaway. We know, it can sometimes be tricky!

However, we also know that one of the best things you can do, to achieve this dream holiday of yours, is to purchase your own lodge holiday home. Lodges are the perfect piece to complete your dream holiday puzzle, for a vast number of reasons.

To help you out, we will take you through a few of these reasons, so that when you begin to browse for your next holiday home purchase, it will be unquestionable that a lodge is your prime option.

Amazing locations

One great advantage of owning a lodge, is the endless choice of amazing locations where they can be found.

When you explore the right holiday parks – such as viewing lodges with Away Resorts, for example – you will be able to pick from some of the best locations the UK has to offer, for your home away from home.

Why would you not want to own a lodge in some of the most idyllic locations? In what way does a scenic coastal bay holiday, with the sun beaming down as you glide across the golden sand, not sound perfect? Who would turn down the chance to explore the true essence of nature, with the peaceful beauty of wildlife on your doorstep?

When you buy a lodge, you are not just owning a lodge, you are owning an experience. You are owning the ability to immerse yourself in a spectacular location of your choosing.

Everyone’s dream holiday

Owning a lodge is perfect for everyone’s dream holiday. And we mean everyone!

With a wide selection of locations and designs available, you can rest assured that whatever you are imagining for your holiday, a lodge will more than accommodate it.

For example, with a big family who seek excitement and adventure, you will most definitely want a lodge for your next trip. With a range of luxury lodges available, you will have plenty of space to accommodate up to eight guests, and great entertainment inside and outside, to keep all the family happy – including high-tech TVs, and nearby activities like water sports.

Want a romantic retreat with your partner? Buy a lodge, and see if your next holiday is not flooded with incredible experiences, like late-night dining by the sea, or exploring the beauty of a lake on a hike. On top of this, the unmatched comfort and elegance of your lodge will most certainly create the perfect, romantic atmosphere.

Like we said – these unique holiday homes suit everyone’s dream holiday!

Endless freedom

The real joy of owning a lodge is precisely that. You own it!

With other forms of accommodation, you can often be overwhelmed with the uncertainties and stress of ensuring the dates you want are available, the type of accommodation you want is the one you will actually get, and that it can meet all your needs – such as being pet friendly.

When you own a lodge, these worries are eradicated. You can have the utmost flexibility and freedom to whisk away to your dream location, whenever you feel like it. No need to book. No need to check availability. No need to worry if it’s right for you. In fact, it is perfect for you, because you bought it for this reason.

With your incredible holiday home just waiting for you to arrive, the idea of this freedom is bound to bring excitement and peace to your holiday planning.

Bonus income opportunities

It is definitely worth mentioning that when you own a holiday home, you also have the opportunity to become a sub-letter.

By subletting your lodge, you are allowing other guests to use it for a specified period of time, for a particular renting price. This can vary from a mere few days, to several weeks.

The great thing is, you have the option to decide whether the subletting takes place. If someone wants to rent your lodge for a period you think you will use it, you can absolutely choose to use it yourself. 

Many holiday parks will also provide managed letting services for your lodge, to allow for an easier, more informed subletting experience.

Just think, with subletting, when you are back home away from your lodge, you could be getting a great additional income simultaneously.

This is perfect for aiding in all the running costs of lodge ownership, and giving you more budget to splurge on your own holiday.

To say there are advantages to owning a lodge, would be an understatement. From now on, you know that every dream holiday, and every dream experience you have on vacation, starts with buying an amazing lodge holiday home. 

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