How To Fix A Boiler That Is Not Working And Costs

June 1, 2022

It can be extremely frustrating to discover that your boiler does not work.

There are basic steps you can take to resolve your boiler issues. This guide will help you troubleshoot common boiler problems.

Some problems may require professional attention. If in doubt, consult a registered Gas Safe Engineer. They can diagnose and repair your boiler quickly and safely.

These are some of the most common problems that are easy and free to fix. Then, you will need to find a professional engineer to help you determine the cause of your boiler not working.

Make sure the boiler is turned on

An absurd and almost patronizing statement, but boiler installation companies all over the UK are constantly earning call out fees from customers who do not realize their boiler is off.

You can make human error or switch off appliances while you sleepwalk, but power outages are the most common cause.

  • Low pressure

Boilers can lose pressure over time for many reasons. Most of these are not to be worried about. You can get your boiler back to normal in no time if it isn’t working or the pressure is low.

  • No pilot light

The boilers pilot light, which is basically a small internal flame, must be lit when the boiler is turned on to ignite the gas and provide heat and hot water.

This flame can sometimes go out due to sudden drafts, wandering spirits trying contact it, or just because.

You can visually inspect the flame of older boilers by looking through the casing. You should restart your boiler or reset it if the flame is not working.

  • Frozen condensate pipe

The condensate pipe runs from your boiler to the nearest exterior wall. This is where any liquid that has accumulated from your boiler is released.

The water that slowly drips is naturally susceptible to freezing in cold temperatures.

Blockage of the condensate pipe can cause a boiler to shut down. This is because excess water cannot escape. This is a common reason why a boiler stops working.

Check your thermostat

Checking if your boiler is not working due to a defective thermostat:

  • Make sure it is switched on with full-charged or working batteries
  • Make sure that your temperate is at the right level
  • If the boiler thermostat is applicable, check your Wi-Fi connection
  • Check the time settings to make sure there are no stand-by options, ‘vacation modes’ or other unnoticed daily plans.

How do I fix a boiler thermostat that isn’t working:

  • Replace the thermostat’s batteries
  • Clear all settings and then go back to manual operation
  • The thermostat manual is available if all else fails

Boiler overload is a serious problem and can lead to an explosion. Modern boilers have safety features that ensure the unit locks out before it overheats.

Is it possible for a boiler to explode if it is too hot?

Boiler overheating can cause severe damage if it is not dealt with quickly.

It is important to emphasize that this is unlikely. Modern boilers lock out at the first sign that there is an issue, especially in this instance.

You should have your boiler serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer annually to ensure it is safe. You should also replace your boiler if it was installed over 10 years ago. This will allow you to get the most recent safety features.

How much does it cost to install a new boiler in your area?

The average cost of a new boiler is between £1,500 and £3,500 depending upon the type of boiler you need, as well any additional requirements. Below is a table that shows the standard prices for boiler installation

Installation TypePrice (inc VAT)
Combi to combination swap£1,900
System to combi conversion£2,450
Install a new boiler£2,800
Combi boiler to the back£3,290
System to system£1,950
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