The Easiest Way To Get A Life Coach Certification

June 16, 2022

The allure of becoming a life coach is understandable! Being in a position to help others better their lives using scientifically-backed strategies is an honorable career path. Still, with so many things to learn along the way, those interested in becoming life coaches might assume that the process will take a long time. 

At first glance, this assumption is understandable; however, if you take a closer look, you will see that there are just three main tracks to becoming certified as a life coach. For each of the tracks, you can expect to learn all you need to know to start your career in helping others improve their lives. With 100% online training, you can get your certification in no time. Thanks to a flexible online training approach, you can receive everything from online training to ongoing help from trainers as you progress through your program. 

You not only have the option to work at your own pace but also to receive more than 30 live sessions each week. You can even advance your skills by taking bonus courses along the way. If you are interested in life coach certification, read on to learn why pursuing certification online is the easiest way to get there.

Choose Your Track For Life Coach Certification

You can choose between three main certification routes which will inform you of which modules, lessons, and sessions to work on actively. The three tracks are primarily broken down by the number of hours it takes to complete training credits. 

Tracks Broken Down 

  • The life coach certification track takes about 170 hours of training. 
  • The master coach certification track takes around 200 hours of training. 
  • The mental health coach training package takes about 240 hours of training.

You Can Plan In Advance 

You will be informed of what to plan for in advance so that you can be prepared as the weeks progress. You will work through training modules that include online and offline work and live sessions. Unlike taking a formal in-person class, you do not have to schedule your life around a set timeframe in order to get your work done. 

Work At Your Own Pace

Another reason that getting your life coach certification online is the most straightforward approach is because you have the option to work at your own pace. However quickly you want to work through the courses, as long as you make the time for it, you can get your life coach certification faster than you could in a classroom. You can also attend your live sessions based on your schedule, making it easier to plan your days as they work for you. 

Sign Up And Get Closer To Becoming A Certified Life Coach

Unlike alternative certification courses that take place in a structured or in-person class, the online life coach certification path allows you to work through all four components as quickly as you desire. If you are ready to pursue your career as a certified life coach, sign up for your online program immediately!

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