What is Pipe Relining Worth?

July 18, 2022

You think Pipe Relining cost is expensive? Tell us after you read this blog. The cost of pipe relining can sometimes make homeowners’ eyebrows raise in surprise. But this is only because they ask the wrong question. The concern shouldn’t be, how much it cost, but rather what is it worth? Oftentimes, property owners don’t have all ideas about the benefits of relining pipes in their homes and you will learn all of that here. This will help you make a sound decision about whether or not this method is worth considering. 

  1. It’s a dig-free solution

Let’s be honest. If you have a broken underground pipe, the last thing you want to happen is to dig up your property. No one likes to do that or destroy expensive landscaping but sometimes plumbers just need to do what they have to do to resolve underlying problems with your drain or sewer. Fortunately, in most cases, companies that offer pipe relining services can handle the problem with one of a few different dig-free methods. Instead of replacing the pipework altogether, pipe specialists fix compromised sections of the pipe without digging it up. They feed through a liner inside the pipe in question and carry out the repair procedure. What this means to you is lesser repair costs compared to when the only option to rehabilitate pipework is to use heavy excavation equipment.

  1. Short turnaround time

When property owners are faced with a drain or sewer problem, one of the questions that comes right after how much is the “how long does it take to fix the line?”. Without working plumbing, a home cannot function as it should, therefore the timeframe to complete any repair job raises concern. If a day of water interruption is unacceptable,  how much more if fixing the pipe stretches to weeks because it requires major work. By relining damaged pipes, it is less likely that it takes weeks to finish because the pipework is fixed inside of the pipe. No pipes under the slab, garden or driveway are excavated. This saves you a hefty sum because the restoration works to put together everything that’s been displaced, moved or excavated, that usually takes a big chunk of the repair cost, is not needed.

  1. Leaves you with a more durable pipe

The opportunity to have the best functioning pipeline is one of the advantages that make relining not an expensive solution, but rather a cost-effective one. When cracks are sealed up and dislodged sections are  rejoined, your pipe will become durable and more efficient than the original. A durable pipeline means it will likely develop clogs which are usually the reason why pipe experiences different sets of problems from leaks to collapse. Trusted pipe relining companies also carry out the relining process with scrupulous attention to detail and make sure they use the best and the most suitable material for every unique sewer and drain problem. This gives you confidence that your damaged pipework is restored to the highest standard.

  1. Extend your relined pipes’ lifespan

Pipework plays a vital role in homes. It’s something that once installed, you should never forget about because you can easily end up with total chaos in your home if you do. A more durable pipe means it can stand long years of use without unwanted repairs. As pipe relining solutions companies, like Revolution Pipe Relining offer product guarantees, you can trust that after many years of use, your pipeline remains in optimal shape and that a plumbing professional will take care of the relined sections when something goes wrong. Pipe specialists also use top-of-the-line material that is made to last even up to five decades.

  1. Your pipe is professionally fixed

Let’s face it. At a certain point in time, you will really need help with your drain or sewer line because they’re not meant to last forever. When this happens, you want to make sure you hire someone that delivers quality workmanship and Sydney relining solutions professionals will never let you down on this. To achieve a superb result, they carry out a CCTV pipe inspection first and clear buildups before they get things underway. They specifically follow strict steps in relining because it’s a job that has no room for errors. The job can easily result in a failed project, more issues and more expenses if one of the steps is not carried out properly and with precision. When your pipework is relined, you’re confident that it is fixed by a professional, and there’s no way the relined sections will have another problem again.

What Can Increase a Pipe Relining Cost?

Think about this, it’s always almost certain that when you wait for your pipe to be fixed later, the cost can increase. The average cost of drain and sewer pipe relining per meter is only between $500 – $1,000, depending on the material used, but if an existing problem worsens, for example a crack,  it can result in a longer crack or the pipe will collapse altogether. If the damage reaches the point where we’d have to make a trench or hole to access the pipe for repair, that means more work and more money you’d have to spend – therefore, your decision today matters in the long run! Remember, the existing condition of the pipe is one of the factors that makes up for the cost. If it’s severely damaged and/or blocked, then it requires many more hours of work than normal. That’s why the moment you feel something is wrong with your plumbing, call a pipe specialist right away.

Final Words

If paying for pipe relining costs Sydney comes with all of these advantages, what’s there to be hesitant for? Think of what is it worth first in your home. When you’re finally decided or want to learn more about how you can benefit from this pipe relining services Sydney, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with recommendations, a pipe relining cost or sewer pipe relining cost estimate, and even send a pipe expert to do a pipe inspection at no cost to you!

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