The Essential Household Maintenance To Do As Winter Sets In

November 28, 2022

The cold is coming and, for the most part, you might not need to do as much daily maintenance of the home as you would in the spring. However, that does not mean that your work is done just yet. Here are some of the big checks and tasks that you should take care of before the weather gets really nasty:

Get the heating checked

You are going to be relying a lot more on your heating as the days get colder, so it only makes sense that you would have someone come out to service your HVAC. You want to make sure that everything is working as efficiently as possible to stop you from freezing as the days get colder.

Make sure your pipes are protected

If there are any issues with your plumbing, then the winter can exacerbate them greatly. Any leaks or cracks can cause the water inside your pipe to freeze, which can lead to a burst pipe and a lot of water damage. Of course, the dampness from leaks is more likely to spread in the cold, as well, so it is worth calling a team like Second Opinion Plumbing. A quick look over the plumbing in the home is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Mind the attic and roof

Once a year, you should have a professional such as Lyons Roofing take a look at your attic. Any issues that might have been lurking throughout the year, like a loose or cracked tile, can suddenly become a lot more problematic, allowing all of the warm air to escape and making the home much harder to hear. Of course, they can also open the home up to mold, dampness, and water damage when the weather gets bad. Best to check and get it fixed if you need to.

Check the doors and windows

Just as air gaps can open in your roof, the same can happen all around the home. Anywhere there is a crack or a seam, there’s a potential draft coming in, but your doors and windows are going to be the most likely culprits. Check around them and, if you can’t feel anything, hold a piece of paper up to its seams. If there is any sign of movement or you feel cold air coming in, it is time to caulk the gap shut.

Get out into the garden

You may not need to mow the lawn or trim the bushes as much, but you are still going to need to do some gardening maintenance for the winter. Clearing up those fallen leaves, taking care of any surfaces that might become slippery due to the rain and organic matters, and checking the gutter for any leaves or twigs that might cause a blockage are all essential. Most of these tasks can be done once for the season.

Fail to take care of the tasks mentioned above and you can find their related issues becoming a lot more serious and a lot more expensive if and when they do arise. It’s best to be prepared rather than have to deal with a DIY crisis in the middle of winter.

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