Last Minute Garden Maintenance Before Winter Comes In

November 10, 2022

You might think that the end of summer and fall and the end of the growing season come with the end of your gardening needs for now. Largely, you are right, you are not going to need to mow the lawn anywhere near as much. But that does not mean that your work is done just yet. Here, we are going to look at some of the last-minute jobs you have to do before you can pack away your garden tools for the season.

One last tidy 

Your garden should be ready to hibernate and start its rest, but you want to make sure that you are not leaving anything too overgrown. Mowing the lawn one more time and picking the weeds should be a clear choice, but you want to pay extra attention to bushes and trees. These can cast not just leaves but can lose entire branches which can become tripping hazards, as well as leading to some more of the messes we will cover in a little more detail.

Make sure no uninvited guests come in for the winter

Garden pests can be one thing. When the weather starts getting colder, however, a lot of them will seek warmth, which can lead to them trying to find ways inside your home. This can mean not just insects, but birds in the loft and mice, as well. If you have any known pest problems in the garden or you see signs like wood shavings or droppings in or near the home, you should look for pest control near you. The quicker you get on top of it, the better your chances of quelling a pest problem before the pests start breeding.

Do not be slick

If you have any smooth exterior surfaces to stand on, whether it is wood, slate, stone, or other kinds of tiles or plates, you should keep an eye on their condition. The additional rainfall and moisture combined with the biowaste from bushes and trees that are shedding can lead to a film of algae-like substance developing. Aside from dulling the look of your garden, this can be slippery and really quite dangerous. The best thing to do is to hire a pressure washer, or buy one, to clean this film off once you notice it.

Get your mind in the gutter

As mentioned, your trees and bushes are going to be shedding leaves, twigs, and other kinds of organic debris. Not all of it is going to make it to the ground, however. The wind can pick up this organic waste and drop it right into your gutter, as well. As such, you should, at the end of fall, make your way up there to inspect the gutters or just get a long-reaching gutter cleaning tool to help you clear it so that you do not end up with a blockage that can cause leaks.

Keep your garden safe, healthy, and ready to grow again in the spring with the tips above. It is just a little work before you can rest for the end of the year.

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