Why green coffee is the trend of the moment

August 10, 2022

Coffee, we can’t live without it anymore. Especially when we have had a party the night before with straw hats (Dutch: strohoeden) and Hawaii decorations (Dutch: Hawaii decoratie), coffee is like liquid gold to make you feel good again. Yet we people are increasingly opting for a green cup of coffee. And of course, we don’t mean the color of the coffee, but how sustainable the coffee is.

Know where it comes from

Many people started to look into the coffee during the pandemic. The ‘milk and sugar’ period is now a thing of the past. More and more people have studied the origin of coffee. As a result, the preference for sustainable coffee has increased considerably and vegetable milk is also in demand.

An important trend is that we want to be able to make the same choices in a restaurant or at work as we make at home. If you prefer to drink a cappuccino with oat milk at home, you also want to be able to choose this in a restaurant. The sustainable trends that have been around for a long time in the catering industry are now also breaking through in the private and office sectors. We think it is a good thing!

Sustainable coffee

More and more people feel socially involved and climate change is a frequent topic on talk shows. Natural disasters are occurring all over the world. There is more drought and extreme rainfall.

We want to know the origin of our products; from which country does our coffee come, is it produced sustainably, and under which working conditions. In addition, coffee with sustainable certificates is becoming increasingly popular. Coffee brands that are transparent get much appreciation for this.

Tips for a more sustainable cup

  1. Do not make more coffee than you drink.
  2. Pour filter coffee into a thermos, so you can switch off the machine.
  3. Dispose of used coffee filters and coffee grounds in the organic waste bin.
  4. Use refillable coffee cups.
  5. Check whether there is a sustainable label on the packaging.
  6. Bring your own cup for coffee on the go. This prevents waste.

Plant-based milk in your coffee

In addition to the choice for sustainable coffee, the trend of plant-based milk has been visible for a number of years. Consumers are increasingly drinking vegetable milk at home and in the hospitality industry. This has led to enormous development in the types of vegetable milk available. For instance, you can no longer only choose soya milk and almond milk, but also oat milk, pea milk and coconut milk are in demand.

And the fact that we drink it a lot in coffee is reflected in the various barista editions of vegetable milk. This is specially used in coffee and foams up better for latte art.

Green coffee is hip! Are you already participating in this trend?


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