Excellent Ways To Ease Pregnancy Aches and pains

August 15, 2022

Is mild abdominal pain normal? 

A common question asked during the early stages of pregnancy is whether mild abdominal pain is normal? For many women, it’s completely normal to experience period like cramps and mild abdominal pains.

However, all pregnancies are unique, and strong stomach cramps can sometimes be a dangerous signal, specifically if there’s any abnormal bleeding or discharge that goes with it.

If you’re worried, it’s always best to talk to your doctor right away, to cancel out the possibility of any pregnancy complications.

What are some comman

Pregnancy pains? 

During your journey through pregnancy, your body changes in many ways as you begin to expand and make way for your baby to grow.

Some general pregnancy aches and pains that many mums-to-be often endure are swelling of the ankles, mild abdominal pain, nausea, fatigue, and mood swings.

Here are a few ways in which you can ease the most common pregnancy aches and pains:

1)      Aquanatal classes

Light exercise during pregnancy is a great natural way to uplift your mood and improve your sleep quality. Aquanatal classes are easy on the joints and lots of fun, allowing you to keep fit and safe at the same time. Prenatal swimming classes help to increase your cardio and boost your respiratory system. Building up your stamina is invaluable during labour and many women love the increased energy levels that come with light pre-natal exercise such as swimming. Some other low-impact exercises include prenatal yoga and walking.

2)      Acupressure wristlets

Acupressure wrist bands apply gentle pressure to the acupressure point (Neiguan point) on the wrists. This is a completely natural and drug-free way of reducing morning sickness and nausea during pregnancy. Not only can the light pressure placed on the Neiguan point prevent nausea and vomiting but it also helps muscles to relax and improves your blood flow.

3)      Prenatal/Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage has many prenatal health benefits. Pregnancy Massage is known to reduce stress, relieve pain and reduce swelling. The safest time to start your pregnancy massage treatment is after the first trimester of pregnancy. Pregnant women can experience reduced pelvic and back pain and decreased ankle swelling through the gentle massage techniques used during pregnancy massage treatment. A great pregnancy massage therapist will be fully trained, insured, and qualified to ensure you and your baby’s complete safety. A specialist pregnancy massage therapist will always go through a consultation to ensure that the treatment is right for you. Receiving a regular massage throughout your pregnancy is one of the best ways to nurture yourself, de-stress, and bond with your growing baby.

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