What To Look Before Buying Potted Plants For Home?

August 25, 2022

Plants can improve the ambiance of your home, add greenery, and keep bugs at bay. They can also provide a welcoming environment for hummingbirds and butterflies to enjoy. However, you must take precautions when purchasing potted plants for home: avoid bringing in pests that could spread diseases or harmful chemicals.

7 Science-Backed Benefits of Indoor Plants

Below we will provide info on the points that let to buy the best-potted plants for your house.

·         Thoroughly Inspect The Plants

Approach the nursery or garden center in which you draw out potted plants. Forgo the plants that have wilting leaves. These plants are getting stressed and don’t have enough water. Look for leaves that are not discolored, insect-damaged or rotten. Walk around each plant and ensure no insects are hiding in the soil or on the roots of each plant. Also, check the drainage holes at the soil level to see if they’re clogged with roots or debris.

·         Choose Immature Plants That Are Healthy

Most plants are sold as potted plants that have full, mature leaves. However, it is good to buy young plants that have just flowered and are still in a flush of tilth. This is because these plants are not fully developed and do not pose any threat to your indoor home environment. If you purchase the older child, check for signs of wilting or discolored leaves and call your dealer if you find any perils.

·         Choose The Healthiest Plants

The containers you buy your plants should have enough holes for water drainage. Unless you’re buying a plant that requires damp soil, like the African violet, choose containers that allow plenty of airflows, so you don’t create a swamp-like environment inside your home. And always check the potting medium and look for signs of insects before planting your new potted plant. This way, it will be easier to catch any insects or pests if they show up in your home.

·         Check The Watering Canisters For Insects

Most garden centers store their potted plants in artificial soil that contains various insects and other pests like snails. Others might use naturally healthy compost to grow their plants, but there is a chance they might introduce other insects into your home as well. As a result, always check the watering canisters that hold the soil you want to buy before pouring it into your containers. Make sure you don’t see any insects crawling around, and remove those pots immediately if you find any.

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