How To Choose The Best Pre-Purchase Property Inspection Agency

August 26, 2022
House Building Inspections Perth - Pre Purchase, Pest & Termite

When you are looking to buy a new property, it is important to choose the right pre-purchase agent. As an owner of a real estate investment company, we have had the opportunity to work with many different pre-purchase agents and inspectors to ensure that my clients get valuable service beyond just buying a house. Here are some simple guidelines for choosing an honest and reliable agent.

  • Ask for a list of previous buyers

When looking for a pre-purchase inspection Perth agent, you should ask for the names of 5 or 10 previous customers and contact them to see how the service was. In the past, buyers have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous agents, so you need to ensure that you are getting an honest agent. You can also check reliable online resources for building inspections.

  • Check their credentials

It is important to check your pre-purchase agents’ credentials before hiring them. Most states require that they are licensed and bonded to provide this type of service. You can also go with a company that has the professional certification.

  • Consider the process

If you have a specific area that you are interested in, it is a good idea to ask the pre-purchase inspector if there will be a place to look for bugs and potential defects in the homes that are not necessarily visible to offer any feedback on this issue. It is important to know what exactly will be inspected and how many samples these people need from each home they inspect. It also helps to ask for a service plan, especially if it is your first time buying a house.

  • Check their licenses and the licenses of other employees

It is important to ensure that your pre-purchase agent is properly licensed to protect yourself from any legal problems in the future, as well as from getting into serious trouble with state and federal governments. To operate their business, they must have all the necessary permits and licenses.

  • Check the quality of your agent’s photos.

Your pre-purchase agent must take good pictures if you want to get a good idea of what the conditions of a particular house are like. You want to make sure that your pictures are not too dark or too blurry, and more importantly, you need to be able to see every detail of what is going on in these houses.

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