6 Ways To Motivate Yourself When You’re Feeling Uninspired

August 28, 2022

Some people are natural go-getters with seemingly endless motivation to be productive most of the time. However, gathering the tiniest amount of drive to do anything worthwhile is a challenge for others. Most people have more than enough responsibilities on their plates, so boredom probably isn’t the issue. Does this job really have to be done now, though? Procrastination is easy, but it can eat your life away. At the same time, it creates an even more enormous to-do list. This can get overwhelming quickly, leading to a more considerable motivational slump. Then, things only continue to snowball. So, where can you get the willpower to begin checking those tasks off your to-do list? Fortunately, there is hope for you. There are several simple ways to start motivating yourself.

1. Divide a Big Job Into Smaller Tasks

Seeing a big job, even one involving low code, in your near future can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not feeling motivated in the first place. It can often help to break the big job into smaller tasks. This way, you can see that you’re completing it little by little rather than stressing over the project as a whole. Stay aware of your deadline, if you have one, and work steadily until you’re finished.

2. Determine the Purpose of the Project

First, it can help motivate yourself by remembering why the task is necessary. You obviously wouldn’t be doing it for pure joy, so what purpose will it serve? When you think about it, these duties are pretty significant because they ultimately allow you to maintain the basic necessities of life and, hopefully, some luxuries in your time off.

Maybe you have chores around your home that must get done. You could say the ultimate motivation for doing the cleaning is to keep your family healthy and your home looking nice.

3. Take a Walk Outside

It could seem counterintuitive to go outside if you’re supposed to be inside working; frankly, it sounds like an excellent way to procrastinate. However, if part of your lack of motivation comes from feelings of fatigue, a bit of fresh air and sunlight can refresh and rejuvenate your mind and body. It can also put you in a better frame of mind. Adding in a walk will make it work even better. If you live in a dreary climate that doesn’t see much sun, you may consider investing in a light therapy lamp. Your brain will react to light therapy just as it does to the sunlight, boosting serotonin levels, which help give you good feelings and energy.

4. Keep Boredom at Bay

Doing something you enjoy while working can help you quickly get through a task. For example, if you’re cleaning the house, turn up your favorite music and jam out while you’re toiling away. You may be doing a monotonous task like data entry that doesn’t take much thought. In that case, you can listen to an interesting podcast or an audiobook to keep boredom at bay.

5. Reward Yourself at the End

Although sometimes it’s a reward to simply finish the task and get it off your mind, you can promise yourself a treat when you’re finished. Just a simple bonus like indulging in one of your favorite snacks or a long soak in a hot bubble bath can help motivate you to keep going on that last leg of your project.

6. Imagine the Freedom You’ll Feel When You’re Finished

Let’s face it; you will have to do this chore no matter what. So, if for no other reason, finish your task so you can enjoy the reassurance of finally having it completed. No longer having that job hanging over your head will be quite the relief.

Commence each day by creating a list of everything you need to accomplish by the end of the day. This, in itself, will provide the satisfaction of ticking off the completed jobs one by one and keep you on task for the following.

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