How To Safely Use A Power Strip

September 5, 2022

Our entire lives run on electricity. If we’re being brutally honest, nobody’s home features enough power outlets to ensure that every electrical device is kept running and fully charged. This is one of the main reasons why we rely so heavily on a power strip.

These handy devices turn a single plug into multiple, which stretches the overall capabilities of your electrical system in your home. But there are probably a few rules that you are breaking when it comes to using a power strip, which might be causing you to ignore all safety precautions.

If you want to know more, here’s how to safely use a power strip in any location and at any time.

Great For Low-Voltage, Lightweight Devices

Let’s say you need a lamp or a radio in the same place as a laptop, and require them to all work simultaneously. This is when a power strip might come in handy!  

A power strip is not meant to be used to handle an electric device that requires a large amount of power such as a deep freezer, a microwave, a refrigerator, or another common kitchen appliance.

They can, however, be used for everyday electrical devices with lower voltage requirements like cell phones, laptops, tablets, or even smaller devices.

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Avoid Beauty Tools

Curling irons, hairdryers, straighteners, and a variety of other beauty tools will all create heat and end up drawing a considerable amount of amperage to generate lots of heat. Unfortunately, a power strip is not designed to generate this high amperage. You must only plug these devices into suitable sockets rather than a power strip.

It Must Have An Internal Circuit Breaker

This is an essential measure designed to prevent any property loss and reduce the total risk of fire within the vicinity. Simply put, selecting a power strip that features an internal circuit breaker will ensure you do not end up losing your home to a fire.

Use Only One Power Strip At A Time

You might feel tempted to plug in a single power strip to another, but you should refrain from doing so! Plugging one power cord directly into another one puts your home, place of business, or travel destination at serious risk of electrical malfunction.

Not just that, but it could even work to shorten the life of your electrical devices by short-circuiting the battery!

It Must Be Used Sparingly

Power strips are designed as a temporary power solution. Using them for extended periods will cause them to overload in terms of the electrical outlet, leading them to eventually overheat. This could damage your devices and may also lead to a fire in the worst circumstances!

Try to limit your power strip usage to a few days or a week or two at the most. If you’re after a more long-term solution for work or home space, you can install more sockets.

Never Put A Power Strip Under A Rug

As electricity travels, its electrons will generate lots of heat. This isn’t usually an issue but if you end up placing your power strip underneath a rug or in another tightly enclosed space, you might inadvertently create a huge fire hazard.

If you end up stepping on it in this hidden location or even any of the attached power cables, you might end up severely damaging them. Not only could this potentially cause shocks but it might become a huge fire hazard.

Never Use A Broken Power Strip

If your power strip has any cracks, a burned-out outlet, or are just a bit wary about a specific socket, it’s in your best interest to avoid plugging anything into it. Even if one socket is burned, there is a huge chance that there is a considerable amount of internal damage within the power strip. 

This poses a threat to you in terms of potentially creating electric shocks and is also a major fire hazard. It’s better to spend the money on a new one instead of risking your safety, or that of the people around you!


That concludes our guide on how to safely use a power strip.

Like any other electrical device, there are many safety considerations you must bear in mind when using a power strip. From keeping the power strip visible and away from rugs, to not overloading it with low-voltage devices, you must follow the guidance in this article to keep yourself and others safe from harm.

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