Working While Traveling: Five Best Backpacks To Consider For Your Lifestyle

September 23, 2022

Most people have daily jobs they need to attend in their offices daily. Some people, however, are fortunate to find jobs they can work on while traveling to different places. Most of these involve online meetings and work that can be submitted online with minimal to no physical interactions needed. At the same time, some require traveling and going to places as part of their work.

A good backpack where one can put essential things for work and convenient for traveling is a suitable piece of equipment. Usually, gadgets such as phones, cameras, and laptops are needed for work. This is why a backpack that can carry things securely is the best. To consider different types of packs and select the most suitable one to purchase, consider the purpose, design, as well as efficiency of the bag.

Below is a comprehensive list of the best backpacks to choose from depending on your lifestyle:

1. Laptop Backpacks

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When you are working away or need your laptop to hand, a laptop backpack is ideal. Look to leather backpacks for men for a timeless style and elegance. As the name suggests, a laptop backpack is suitable for carrying a laptop because it has an extra flap with a cushion to protect and ensure the laptop fits well.

While purchasing, ensure that the computer’s and flap’s proper measurement are a good fit. Too loose can reduce the efficiency of the cushions and cause the computer to bounce around inside the bag. Too tight may not fit or cause damage to the gadget if forced.

2. Basic Daypacks

An essential daypack can be the best option for short distances and frequent trips that don’t require bringing a handful of things with the person. It features pockets in the front and a large zip at the back to sort minor and significant things, straps, and grab handles. Some are insulated or padded, and some have smaller pockets to store more items. This type is the most convenient backpack on the list and one of the cheapest you can buy nowadays.

3. Anti-Theft Backpacks

An anti-theft backpack can be the best backpack option if the travel requires going to a crowded place while carrying essential items. It looks similar to regular bags with its designs, but a closer look can show hidden zippers and other features that you can put locks. These also usually feature compression straps, locks, zippers, belts, and buckles to fit snugly and tightly to your body to add more protection. The high-tech types even have RFID blockers to electronically protect the backpack and its contents.

4. Carry On Backpacks

A carry-on backpack is a good option for longer trips that may require larger compartments for things that must be hand-carried. Still, the person wants to bring it without putting the bag in the luggage area. It qualifies as a backpack and is smaller than usual luggage, allowing it to be carried by the person in their seat.

At the same time, it has a large capacity in which a person can bring and organize essential gadgets, clothes, and other possible things due to its spacious dimensions. Some even have laptop sleeves to secure your device as well as cushions and safety frames inside the bag to keep the structure and form while still being convenient.

5. Wheeled Backpacks

If many things need to be carried or you’re going on a long trip, the best backpack would be a wheeled backpack. These bags can have many things with multiple compartments to sort and put stuff.

The main feature of this backpack is the wheels attached to the bottom and handle, allowing you to drag it by its wheels. It has a thick back padding cushion to prevent the wheels and the frame from being inconvenient if the person decides to put it on their back. It can secure and carry multiple gadgets, files, clothes, and other things, making it the most optimum option for heavy packing.


Choosing the right backpack depends on the type of things the person wants to carry, the level of safety and security, the convenience, and the space they need. The features of each backpack can be beneficial to the purpose of your travel.

For traveling light, you can have daypacks or laptop backpacks. For more secure traveling, an anti-theft bag is the best. If the journey involves more things to be carried, carry-on and wheeled backpacks are great options. Whichever pack the person settles on, ensure it serves its purpose while fitting their traveling lifestyle. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you plan and prepare.

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