Pouches by Alahta

October 5, 2022

Pouches by Alahta is the brainchild of Athalia Monae, a community activist and a design enthusiast who spends the better part of her days seeking fabrics for pouches and working on designs. As an activist, she is actively involved in advocacy works with a non-profit organization (Feed my starving children), which provides meals to less fortunate children in almost 70 countries. She has committed a percentage from the proceed of Alahta towards the organization. This is the foundation of Pouches by Alahta brand, dedicated to being instrumental in design and fashion and giving back to society.

Pouches by Alahta purposes to equip you with a boost of confidence stemming from self-organization. The brand is well known for its innovative products comprising a hairbrush/comb combo with an exciting combination of prints and colors made from high-quality fabric. The main reason for the integration is to provide a one-time solution for individuals seeking an easy way of storing hair care products/essentials while maintaining a certain level of organization. Another reason for the design is to avoid the shedding of hair. The organization is a fundamental aspect of basic human living. Pouches by Alahta keep in mind that due to the diversity of many families, some people have hectic schedules and more responsibilities; hence organization may be a challenge.

The idea behind Pouches by Alahta brand was to come up with a simple, affordable yet stylish solution to a common challenge. It also caters to forgetfulness due to multitasking or dealing with a lot at once. Pouches by Alahta provides a time-saving solution aimed at maintaining fundamental lifestyle habits. Another perk of Pouches by Alahta is the ability of the pouches to fit in almost anything, for instance, a school backpack, a gym bag, a purse, and any luggage. The versatility of this brand is everything you can desire.



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