Buy the Perfect Shirt: Ultimate Guide 2022

October 15, 2022

Do you plan on shopping this weekend? 

Remember the last time you got a fit that sucks? 

Often, folks struggle to find the perfect dress shirt that flatters their figure. 

If you are not finding the right match, you are not alone, don’t make an impulse decision, or you will regret it. 

Give this article a read if you are not good at buying dress shirts.  


Factors to Consider While Buying a Dress Shirt 


Take these 5 factors into account when buying a dress shirt. These will make or mar your outfit; carefully consider these points! 




Ask yourself, do you need a shift for a special occasion or to wear it to the office? The occasion will help you determine which shirtings will suit you the best. For instance, in an air-conditioned environment like offices, you will need a different fabric, while outdoors requires a different type of fabric like cotton. 


So, you have to choose between the following:- 


  • Linen 
  • Flannel 
  • Fine Cotton 
  • Man-made fiber 


You can head towards brands like Mizzen and main shirts to select from various fabric options at reasonable rates. 




Be sure to choose a shirt with quality and a well-designed cuff. You can consider buying a classic single cuff with rounded or angled edges. However, if you want a dress shirt for a formal occasion, it is a good idea to buy a shirt with a double cuff, aka French cuff. You need to bear in mind that the cuffs must extend about one inch outside the sleeves when wearing a jacket. The most common versions of cuffs are as follows:- 


  • Barrel Cuffs 
  • French Cuffs 
  • Button Cuffs 




Overlooking the fit of a dress shirt is common among men. We buy small, medium, or large sizes, resulting in looking droopy and tacky. Change this habit, and start buying shirts that closely fit your body. You can choose from slim, tapered, and regular fits. 


The slim fit molds with your body contours with added darts in the behind for a defined waistline, while the tapered type fit looks appealing and modern with narrow sleeves. Finally, the regular fit falls straight with added pleats offering extra comfort. After getting familiar with all three, it will be easy to decide. 




Choosing between different collars can be confusing too. There are various collar styles, such as cutaway, button-down, forward-point, and spread. In addition, you can choose a semi-spread collar style. It usually goes with formal and informal attire. 


Semi-spread collars are known for their versatility and for working with every suit and tie. There must be a space for one finger betwixt your neck and the collar, as too tight a collar will make you uncomfortable. However, if you buy a shirt with a loose collar, it may stoop with movements. So, make sure you choose the perfect collar for your dress shirt. 




Deciding the pattern of a dress shirt depends upon the seriousness of the occasion. For instance, you cannot wear funky colors in the office and office attire at a wedding. Here is a guide to choosing patterns as per the occasion and events: – 


  • Solid colors: for office attire and formal events 
  • Checked pattern: for casual environments with family and friends 
  • Multiple colors: for parties, weddings, etc. 


On the Final Note 


Choosing the perfect shirt is a headache when you know nothing about fashion or trends. However, if you struggle to find a dress shirt, this guide will help you. You can buy the trendiest shirts online from brands like Mizzen and main shirts or visit a local store. But whenever you buy, keep the above primary considerations in mind. 


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