A Beginners Guide To Applying Eyelash Extensions

October 18, 2022

As more women desire luscious and long lashes, eyelash extensions have become the hottest must-have beautifier for modern women. As lashes dominate the online store, new options, styles, colors, and curls have emerged. Eyelash extensions have numerous advantages, including making the lashes appear fuller, the eyes appear more prominent, and the face more feminine. Most women want to improve their appearance and would be willing to spend money on lashes. If you’re thinking about getting lash extensions, here are some pointers to help you avoid some common mistakes.

Place The Eyepatches Perfectly

Placing the eyepatches safely is a bit tricky for first-timers. Placing them close to the eyes causes irritation, inner corner lash line lift, and bruising. The correct way of placing the eyepatches is to avoid touching the waterline. Perfect eyepatch placement needs to touch the corners of the lash line, then press to the eyeliner gently. You must get in touch with divalashlounge.com if you want to receive the finest eyepatch service. 

Use The Right Amount of Adhesive

Ensuring the adhesive used is of the correct quantity is a hectic process. Too little will make the lashes wear out fast, while excess adhesive will make the lash extension bulky, resulting in faster shedding. Instead of swiping the lash extension directly onto the glue, use a scooping motion. Also, remove the lash slowly, following the scooping motion as you collect less glue.

Use Less Time To Separate Correct Lash

Most stylists spend more time getting the perfect lash to attach to the next eyelash. Every lash needs an extension; isolating them to get a perfect lash can waste your time. The more time you take when separating increases the chances of becoming tired, which reduces the concentration level. It’s recommended to commence with the short lashes and proceed to the longer lashes. Short lashes are a bit tricky, as they are weaker, which increases the time it takes to isolate them.

Work With A Map

Perfect application of eyelash extensions for first-timers is possible by using a map. Mapping helps an artist to plan the exact position of placing the extension and how you’ll get the required symmetry. Mapping is also crucial when operating with layers, as you will get the correct length for your extension to be placed on the natural lashes. When applying the mapping skills, ensure the eye is wide open to help you locate the center of the eye and the iris.

Ensure The Lashes Points Right Direction

The right direction for the lashes is hard to attain unless you’re highly experienced. To achieve the best results effectively, commence with the base direction, ensuring the inner and outer corner lashes extend outwardly. A sunrise pattern is recommended, as it reflects how beams shine from the sun. 

Also, ensure your eyes are fixed on the direction in which the lash tips point. The tips should also be smart, pointing to your preferred style. Have a mirror to view the direction of the lashes.


If you want to eliminate doubts and fears about applying eyelash extensions for the first time, this guide is for you. The above tips will help you have a successful experience and make all the difference in your look, ensuring the treatments are safe and long-lasting.

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