Industry Verticals That Can Count on the Use of Overhead Cranes

October 25, 2022


Most job sites require overhead cranes. When there is a need to move and lift heavy loads, the overhead cranes can maximize floor space, effectiveness and security. The gantry, bridge, and other kinds of cranes are essential for multiple industries and the economy.

Several people in automotive or storage industry verticals think about whether they can or can’t use overhead cranes. A few industry verticals that make use of this crane include:


Managing a vast warehouse generally demands that you move and store the heavy and big crates all through the warehouse securely and fast. Wasting time and damaging cargo in order to come across anything that works is not a safe choice. A correct chain of overhead cranes enables warehouse employees to ensure that their inventory stays organized and accessible. It will help the crates and the containers to get stored and moved effortlessly. To know more about it, you can check out Austin cranes.

Heavy equipment repair

The big fixes will require extensive tools for industrial HVACs, factory devices, or other vast machinery. The repair shops use gantry and bridge cranes to unload the products, move them in and around the shop, and reload them. The overhead cranes make lifting the goods for every repair station simpler.


The auto assembly lines depend on shifting their product from one station to the other on completion of the journey. The bridge cranes are apt for this movement. It is possible for the auto repair to need a smaller gantry crane for the jobs, like lifting the car bodies and pulling engines. Since most of these factories are usually automated, all these complex device systems need the programmer to enable you to maintain and function the cranes.

Metal manufacturing

Whether it is shifting crucibles of the loading rolls and molten ore of the finished sheet, the metal workers require overhead cranes for managing the weight along with the elements. Also, metal workers usually work with certain metals at severe high temperatures. The overhead cranes can get the grunt work done and enable the workers to have a safe distance from the lethal materials. The specialized attachments like the C-hooks can also help shift the foil and wire spools.

Concrete manufacturing

There is simply nothing that gets included in the concrete domain that is light or small. Whether it is managing the finished precast or the bagged premix, the workers need bridge cranes in the factory and gantry cranes in the yard. Also, pouring the architectural spans requires the overhead crane’s control and power.

Finally, the power plants are usually filled with the working device that should stay functioning. If there is downtime, it would indicate a blackout. The moment when a generator or the turbine within the active plant requires service, it should get replaced and removed with great care. The correct bridge crane system is required for this service. Hence, if your brand belongs to any of these industry verticals, you can choose the overhead cranes.

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