Stay trendy in Autumn and Winter with the hottest womens shoes and boots

October 27, 2022


Autumn is here, Winter is round the corner, and it’s time for some more substantial footwear. If you’re looking to update your shoe collection, then this list of the latest trends in women’s shoes will have you up-to-date and ready during Autumn and into Winter.

It will excite fashionistas across the UK to know that there are some great trends this season.

And for us fashionistas, we now have access to countless style options thanks to online shopping! Here are a few tips on how to stay trendy this Autumn:

  • Choose your style: Are you going for a classic look or something more edgy? Are you into flats or heels? There are plenty of shoe styles available in Autumn so take your pick!
  • Style up an outfit with statement shoes: A pair of cute ankle boots can complete any outfit by adding some flair and originality (and warmth!). For example; if you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt, try adding a pair of knee-high boots – they’ll give off an edgy vibe while still keeping things casual at the same time. If you have lighter coloured clothing such as pastel shades, then yellow sandals would look great together!

What brands fit well?

Ruby shoo is a great brand to wear in Autumn and Winter as they have a variety of styles, colours and heels to choose from. You can easily find something that matches your style and will keep your feet warm! It’s a comfy Christmas present for the colder season.

Ruby Shoo is a quirky and fashionable brand that uses mostly vegan friendly materials for bold patterns, vibrant colours, and vintage touches to create comfortable shoes.

Lotus shoes for women reflect current trends and keep their stylishness over time. From ankle boots to knee high boots, Lotus shoes for women offer a wide range of styles and colours. The brand mostly make non-leather shoes, making them comfortable for many hours.

Other notable brands to check out are Gabor, and fly London boots.

Gabor is a well-known brand that uses high-quality materials, including leather and suede, to create stylish shoes and boots.

Fly London boots are designed in England and made with high-quality Italian leathers and suedes in their factories around the world. There are many styles of fly London boots, from ankle boots to knee-high boots. The Fly London line of boots come in a variety of funky colours, with an iconic ‘fly wedge’ design.

What types of footwear fit Autumn best?

The weather is colder, but you can stay stylish and warm with these choices.

Wellies are great for keeping your feet warm in the Autumn, but they’re also just so cute! They’re perfect for walking around town or taking a hike in the woods. You’ll love how they look with leggings, jeans, or even your favourite dress.

Ankle boots are the perfect way to stay stylish in Autumn. The weather is changing, but your wardrobe doesn’t have to. These shoes will keep you warm and comfortable on bitter days, with a little added cuteness for good measure. Don’t get caught out in the cold without them!

Thigh-High boots are a great fashion statement. They are also a great way to add some height to your outfit, especially if you’re on the shorter side. Plus, they’ll keep your legs warm in Autumn when the temperature is dropping and the leaves turn brown.

There are so many options for thigh-high boots, from classic black leather boots with tassels to leopard print knee-high boots that have straps going up over your knees like a belt.

Most boots are perfect for the changing season. They’re waterproof, so you can wear them on rainy days and not worry about getting your feet wet. Add one of these stylish boots to an outfit with a pair of jeans or leggings—you’ll get extra points for trying at work!

Casual trainers are the way to go if you’re looking for a shoe that can be worn with jeans, skirts, or dresses. They’re also great if you have an active lifestyle and need a shoe that’s comfortable enough to wear on your daily runs. No matter what your wardrobe needs are this season, there is a casual trainer out there that will make it look like you’ve got your life together—even when you don’t!

Pumps shoes are the perfect way to refresh your wardrobe. You can pair them with just about any outfit. Whether you’re heading to work or attending a party, these shoes will make you feel confident and stylish.

Chunky heels are a great way to add height without adding too much weight to your feet. I can also wear these with jeans, dresses, or skirts.

Rock the latest trends in shoes and boots this Autumn

We hope you’ve found some inspiration here to help you. From high heels to boots and trainers, there are so many distinct looks that will keep your feet warm and stylish in the colder and wetter months.

Whether it’s boots or pumps that catch your eye the first time around, have a gander around Elevate Your Sole in North Wales as often as needed until finally falling in love with that perfect pair of women’s shoes!

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