Check out the distinct categories of boxing gloves before you make your purchase!

December 9, 2022
Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves

Picking the best pair of boxing gloves is one of the fundamental things you may do when getting started. If you are a beginner at boxing, discovering the best category of boxing gloves may take time and effort. There are various boxing glove brands and types, and not to mention, these need to be clarified in the first go. Along with this, you must pay attention to the quality of the boxing glove. Depending on the level of training, wearing distinct categories of boxing gloves may enhance your chance of success. To save you the trouble, experts have created a comprehensive guide that will help you with every piece of information related to boxing gloves and their distinct categories.

How will you get the correct size?

For beginners, finding the best boxing glove is one of the first determinants when you are in the game. Boxing gloves get displayed in oz or ounces. The most typical boxing club sizes include 12 oz, 10 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz. 10 oz, these gloves are the best boxing gloves for heavy workouts. On the other hand, 18, 16, 14, and 20 oz gloves are suitable for sparring.

Remember that the weight of the padding inside the gloves determines the sizing. The heavier the weight, the higher the amount of Oz. So, now it’s time for you to understand your training level and then go for the boxing gloves that suit your requirement. For most beginners, big boxinggloves by revgear are safe side options that work appropriately. The category and size of boxing gloves you utilize depending on your body weight and the purpose. The boxing gloves must be comfortable, snug and well fit. 

Ensure to try boxing gloves that come with hand wrap. Boxing gloves must be snuggled around the strap, but they should not be tight. If you purchase the digital forum, it is easier to find the right size. It is because they come with a sizing chart for your convenience. Use the sizing chart to understand the measure that will be appropriate for your training.

Are Velcro or Laces boxing gloves appropriate for beginners?

Laces do provide a tight fit along with better wrist support. However, these are not practicable. You may not tie the laces by yourself, so that you may depend on your training buddy. This is why laced boxing gloves may be an exclusive option but not professional.

Velcro boxing gloves may be secured as tightly as you want. These get 9 out of 10 marks because they are much more sturdy and provide maximum protection.

Vinyl or leather boxing gloves – which one will it be?

The most common boxing gloves available in the market are the ones that come from leather and vinyl. The boxing gloves’ material will impact the durability, comfort, and cost. The vinyl boxing glove is usually cheap and sturdy. It is for this reason that vinyl boxing gloves get a good market. However, leather boxing gloves are equally comfortable and durable. These are available in distinct sizes and designs. You may go for the one that suits your requirement and maximizes comfort. 

Leather boxing gloves are a bit expensive, but they are the best option regarding durability!

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