Must-See Attractions in Sevierville

January 5, 2023

We all seek something new and exciting to explore every time we set off on vacation. So, if you’re done with the bustling metropolitan cities and looking for a quieter yet no less exciting getaway, Sevierville is the place to be!

The city is lined with breathtaking scenery with many attractions. And, of course, the food is lip-smacking good.

Indulge in the city’s beautiful landscape, admire nature, enjoy the adventuring thrills or have a peaceful time with family exploring the local eateries and craft shops; regardless of what you do, one thing is guaranteed: you will have a blast in Sevierville.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the must-see attractions in Sevierville that make this city a great travel destination!

Forbidden Caverns – The Cave of Wonders:

Nature lovers, this one is for you. If we told you that a cave exists in the mountains overlooking Sevierville with crystal-clear pools and stalagmites, you’d never believe us. But this is the real thing! Forbidden Caverns are one of the most remarkable natural wonders in the region. The cave is open to visitors, and you can take a guided tour. You will be awestruck when you witness the natural formations and the breathtaking beauty of this subterranean world. During the tour, you can also learn about the history of the cave. However, if you’ve respiratory problems, staying away from this attraction is better.

SkyLand Ranch – A Farm for Fun:

Allow the fun and relaxation to create a perfect balance at the Skyland Ranch. This family-friendly farm offers activities and entertainment for all ages. From miniature animal show to chairlift ride, you’ll never be short of options. If you’re someone with a thrill-seeking appetite, ride on the best Sevierville mountain coaster and enjoy the wind in your hair.

When it comes to food, even the pickiest eater can find something to enjoy at Skyland Ranch, as it serves delicious sandwiches, soups, salads and baked goods. You can also devour burgers and BBQ from their food trucks.

If you want to shop, there are plenty of souvenir shops and local craft stalls to explore.

Dolly Parton Statue – Paying Tribute to an Iconic Figure:

Sevierville is the birthplace of world-renowned singer, songwriter, and actress Dolly Parton. As a tribute, the city has built a beautiful bronze statue of the iconic figure in the center of town. The 8-foot-long bronze statue is located on Sevier County Courthouse lawn. It is the perfect place to take a picture and admire her accomplishments.

Being the popular icon she is, it’s no surprise that Dolly Parton draws large crowds to her likeness. Have patience, and you will eventually have your chance for a photo opportunity with this phenomenal superstar! So, enjoy yourself, take a moment and snap away some group or solo selfies! The statue premises are open throughout the day, so you can come and pay your respects to this amazing country music legend.

Ancient Lore Village – The Majestic Boutique Resort:

You haven’t seen a picturesque location until you have visited the Ancient Lore Village. This majestic boutique resort is known for its extravagance and hospitality. The resort features rustic cottages, luxurious cabins, and spacious rooms overlooking the stunning landscape of Sevierville. You can experience axe throwing, archery, and other activities in this peaceful haven. The resort also has a swimming pool and open gardens for your relaxation. Enjoy the most by taking a guided tour of the village and discovering its hidden beauty. You can get a Village Discovery Pass or a Story Tour to explore the resort and all its attractions.

Wings of Wander Mural – A Colorful Piece of Art:

It’s in the little things that the culture of a place comes alive, and the Wings of Wander mural is one such example. This vibrant mural is located in Downtown Sevierville and was painted by renowned Sevierville-native Pinkie Mistry. There is a story behind the mural; it speaks of how music, art, and nature come together to create unique experiences. The mural is a giant butterfly painted with colorful hues and beautiful shapes.

The mural is truly a treat for the eyes, so take some time to indulge in its beauty. You can even take a selfie with the mural to remember your trip!

Smoky Mountain Deer Farm and Petting Zoo – An Unforgettable Experience:

If you’re looking for an educational yet fun way to spend your day in Sevierville, you should visit the Smoky Mountain Deer Farm and Petting Zoo. The farm features various species of deer, goats, zonkeys, camels, and even reindeer. You can get close to these animals as you’ll be allowed to feed and pet them.

The zoo is open between 10 a.m. and 5.30 p.m. daily, and there is no admission fee; however, you can pay an optional donation to support the farm.

Foxfire Mountain Swinging Bridge – An Adventure in the Making:

Come and explore the longest swinging bridge in America while taking a hike up Prosperity Mountain to experience the breathtaking Lost Mine Falls. The one-hour long self-guided tour begins at Foxfire Mountain, where you will cross 70 feet above Little Pigeon River on an impressive 350′ suspension bridge before ascending Prosperity Mountain.  Here, you can hang your wish (provided wishing strips are available) for it to blow away with prosperity’s winds!

We recommend you take this journey with a group of friends or family. Once you reach the peak, you will be rewarded with spectacular views of the valley and mountains!

Final Words:

Sevierville is full of interesting attractions, making it an ideal destination for your next vacation. Plan a trip with family, friends, or spouse or go solo; this charming city has plenty to offer, from natural wonders to iconic statues and murals.

We hope our suggestions were useful in making Sevierville your next holiday destination. Don’t forget to check out these must-see Sevierville attractions when you’re there! The best time to visit is during the summer and fall months when you can fully enjoy the beauty of this area. Also, ensure that you plan and book your accommodation in advance as the city gets pretty busy during these times.

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