Top 2 Healthy Restaurants in Johor Bahru Malaysia

January 24, 2023


We can conclude that eating clean, despite the increasing number of organic food markets in Malaysia and Singapore and the growing socially conscious food movement, is the latest trend among foodies and health-conscious people.

Below is a list with restaurants that offer clean eating in Johor Bahru.

1.Poke Twins

You might feel bored eating clean, but not in Poke Twins. Poke Twins offers a healthy food menu and a clean environment. You will find a variety of healthy Mediterranean foods, including whole grains, fresh vegetables, lean protein, and fresh fruits. This provides a lot of nutrition. These foods make great ingredients for salads, wraps and sandwiches. Of course, no MSG, no additional seasonings, no artificial coloring nor flavoring.

The cafe’s white and clean interior design will amaze you. It offers diners a relaxing place to enjoy their meals. It is easy to see why Poke Twins is so popular.

They are also friendly and always willing to assist you in making healthy eating decisions. Don’t be shy about going to the gym, even if you are new to clean eating.

Your bowl of healthy Poke Bowl can be customized to suit your tastes. All you have to do is go to the food display counter and select your favorite food ingredients.

Start with a base such as greek yogurt, fruit smoothies, and then add fresh fruits or vegetables like apples, mangoes or carrots to give the bowl its color and flavor. If you want to add texture to your Poke Bowl, you can also use chia seeds.

You can order an ala carte Poke Bowl if you’re unable to choose what you want in your Poke Bowl.

The unique Mexican Fusion style menu is what makes Poke Twins different from other eat-clean cafes. Imagine that you can enjoy delicious tacos and clean eating. You will find out when you visit Poke Twins.

The traditional Mexican tacos’ idea has been adapted by Poke Twins. They serve their Poke Tacos with plenty of meat and vegetable fillings in a crisp shell. To reduce fat and carbohydrate, they use homemade seaweed shells in place of corn tortilla shells.

2.Friends & Fig

Friends & Fig was established in 2015 and is a new cafe that focuses on healthy eating. The cafe is a comfortable place to relax and enjoy delicious food in a relaxed atmosphere.

Imagine a Malaysian dish that is healthy and low in fat. Friends & Fig will be delighted to share their healthy version Nasi Lemak, also known as Nasi Unlemak.

This Nasi Lemak special replaced the coconut milk-cooked fragrance rice with butterflypea organic coconut oil brown Rice. It is lower in calories, as well as cholesterol, but retains the same creaminess and texture. Their unique Bitter Gourd Musket Sambal is best paired with it. It is neither too sweet nor spicy.

The side dishes of the Nasi Unlemak include Friends & Fig’s Special Homemade Nyonya Rindang Monkey Mushroom, Homemade chicken Tempeh, freshly sliced cucumbers and sheered purple cabbages. This makes the Nasi Unlemak plate look generous. It is beautiful and delicious.

It is recommended that you try their cold-pressed juices before ordering the drinks. Each of their cold-pressed juices is designed by a natural juicer. Their wide range of cold-pressed juices are 100% pure fruit. You won’t find any sugar, preservatives, or water in these juices. It is pure juice. These cold-pressed juices are refreshing and fruity, so they can cool you off from the scorching heat of Malaysia.

You don’t have to feel guilty about having a dessert at Friends & Fig. The cafe only uses healthy, low-calorie food ingredients to prepare their desserts menu. Their desserts are free from any sugar, flour, or eggs, making them gluten- and vegan-friendly.

TiraMizu is their most popular healthy dessert. It can be thought of as a vegan Tiramisu. It’s made with organic dark chocolate, cultured cashew coconut yogurty ‘cream cheese, Vietnamese coffee, and dashes Uisce Beatha. It is delicious as an after-meal dessert, and it is neither too sweet nor too bland.

You can also purchase their healthy spreads, which go great with salads and toasts. Spreads include the Wild Oranges Spice dressing and Black Sesame Dressing.

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