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February 3, 2023

Casablanca has always been something mystical, magical, absolutely fantastic for me. This image remained with me right up to the very moment when, on the way from the airport, through the windows of a taxi, I saw the city. To my great disappointment, in Casablanca there was not a drop of that European bourgeoisie, sung in the film of the same name, nor a wide excursion program that travel agencies promised, nor even cleanliness, accuracy and the title of “The Most European City of North Africa”. Thanks to Casablanca, as I once did to Egypt, I realized that North Africa is not yet ready for tourists who love comfort and cleanliness, and most likely will not be ready for the next 100 years.

How to get to the center from Casablanca Airport

The airport is located 30 km from the city center, travel time from here is about 30-40 minutes. To get to the city center from Casablanca airport, it is better to take a taxi. The fare in a taxi is about 20–40 EUR. The taxi rank is located at the zero level of the airport (the level of the arrivals area). The driver can accept dollars or euros, but keep in mind that the rate is not convenient for you. At the airport, you can also exchange money at the average city rate, without fear of low rates. Exchangers work here around the clock, accept USD and EUR. Keep in mind that many things in Casablanca, including train fares, are paid strictly in dirhams. 

Important! It is impossible to take dirhams out of the country without a certificate stating that during this trip you received them when exchanging any other foreign currency. When you want to exchange them back (if you left at the end of the trip), be sure to present a receipt stating that you originally exchanged them from dollars or euros. Most of the tours in Morocco start from Casablanca, for a full discovery, many tourists do the 8 days tour from Casablanca to the Sahara desert.

You can get by train to the central station Gare des Voyageurs (Casa Voyageurs), the cost is from 5 EUR per person. Landing is carried out at the underground level of the airport at number -1. The cash desk can be found in terminals No. 1 and No. 2. Trains run from 6 am to 12 am with an interval of about an hour.

Here, at the airport, there are car rental companies, and you can compare prices from different rental companies here . You can get to the city center on your own along the A7 Casa-Berchid highway through Bouskoura, then along the A5, R315. Also checkout this amazing travel magazine.

By car

Car traffic absolutely anywhere in Morocco is a real war, competition, battle, or, to put it better, madness. It is highly undesirable to rent a car and drive around this country on your own if you have never been a driver in Morocco or, for example, Egypt. Moreover, you can get to Casablanca only through Europe, which is about 6,000 km and cannot be considered an adventure at all.

By ferry

Despite the fact that Casablanca is a port city, getting here by ferry is difficult even from Spain. So, the ferry takes 35 hours from Barcelona and can not boast of any kind of service, so it cannot be taken seriously. Casablanca does not have a ferry passenger connection with the Russian Federation.

However, the ferry from Spain is easy to get to the neighboring city of Tangier from Casablanca, the flight takes only 35 minutes and costs no more than 30 EUR per person (called Algeciras – Tangier).

When is the season. When is the best time to go

In the summer, Casablanca has only to swim in the pool or in the sea, but does not allow you to actively participate in the excursion program. It is best to go to Casablanca in May or October, when it is not too hot, but the sea is warm. In winter, Casablanca is not the best place for tourists to visit, as the water in the sea is no longer warm enough, averaging around 17 degrees.

Casablanca in summer

In summer, the air temperature is kept within 27 degrees during the day. This season is the best for families with children. The water temperature is about 21-22 degrees Celsius. At this time of the year, Casablanca has the most tourists, the beaches are occupied by both locals and Europeans.

Casablanca in autumn

September and October are almost summer months, while November is not so welcoming to tourists. Plus beware November as the rainiest month of the year. It is best to relax in Morocco in autumn – it is not so hot anymore, the water in the sea is warm, and there are already fewer tourists than in summer.

Casablanca in spring

In spring, the average air temperature during the day is + 21 ° С, the water temperature is about 16 degrees in March (cold), 18 degrees in April (very cool), 19.5 (slightly cool) in May. Spring is not a good time to visit Casablanca, except for the last two weeks of May.

Casablanca in winter

In winter, the average air temperature here is about 19 degrees during the day, and the water temperature of 17 degrees is not suitable for swimming. This season is not suitable for a tourist trip to Casablanca.

Main attractions. What to see

In most Moroccan mosques, admission is free, but you are required to take a local guide and pay him to tell you about the attraction. As a rule, the price at first is about 20–30 USD, but in fact the guide is ready to take you for 5 USD. The same applies to many other unofficial prices for any excursions, if the price is not on the real price list, then you are offered a service 2-3 times more expensive in advance.

Top 5

Casablanca is not a really good city for a sightseeing holiday, but there are interesting architectural sights in the Arabic style:

Mosque of Hassan II

The Hassan II Mosque is surprisingly located right on a cliff above the Atlantic. Its minaret soars 210 meters into the sky, and 100,000 people can pray in it at the same time! Entrance – 8 EUR, the mosque is open for visits in the form of excursions, which are held at 9, 10, 11 and 14 hours, on Fridays – at 9, 10 and 14 hours.

Cathedral of the Sacré Coeur

The Sacré Coeur Cathedral is a stunning cathedral that is a must see in Casablanca. Not to be confused with the cathedral of the same name in Paris, after which the object of the architectural heritage of Morocco was named.

It is located near the main Mohhamed V square (you will read about it below), on Rachdi Boulevard.

Muhammad V Square

Place Mohhamed V – the main square of the city with a square, open 24 hours a day, admission is free. There are several interesting sights around it, for example, the clock tower, the building of the General Post Office and the Supreme Court, as well as the Sacré-Coeur Cathedral.

Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is a place that is not a must-visit for your vacation, but is located right in the center of all the events of Casablanca. The palace is located in the New Medina (Khobus) quarter. It is worth noting that you cannot go inside, even for a fee, since the palace is still the current place for the temporary residence of monarchs. But near the chic gates you can take pictures.

Palace of Mahacma do Pasha

The Mahacma do Pax Palace is another fine example of Arabic architecture, reminiscent of the tale of 1000 and 1 nights. In the design of the walls, one can notice both the French accents of medieval castles and the principle of a traditional caravanserai, a public building format popular in the Arab world. The palace is open from Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm. Entrance to the palace is free, but the services of an obligatory guide are paid, you can bargain here. There are agencies here who do tours to Turkey as well, they also offer Hot Air Balloon Cappadocia from here.

Beaches. Which is better

Do not expect more from the beaches of Morocco than they can give you. In slightly turbulent weather, the tide already brings a lot of garbage to the beaches, and the color of the water changes to a muddy orange or muddy green in just an hour. However, if you are lucky with the season and the weather, you can look forward to a beach holiday in Casablanca as well.

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