What To Do When Your Child Is Struggling With Social Anxiety in School

February 27, 2023


Social anxiety is a common problem, in both adults and children. According to the experts, the two most common periods of social anxiety are during early childhood and adolescence. That means that as children and teens are learning how to navigate the world, they are also shying away from and becoming agitated about their social interactions. 

Teach Relaxation Strategies

Child anxiety medication over-the-counter can have a powerful impact on your child’s anxiety. Another way to alleviate their social anxiety is to help them learn how to relax, especially in moments of acute anxiety. Controlling breathing and silencing negative thoughts are two hugely important things to focus on. 

When your breathing becomes shallow and erratic, such as when you feel anxious, your body feels it. It makes it hard to focus on anything else. Confronting this, and potentially changing it, is as simple as teaching yourself to count slowly in your head, and striving to match your breathing to your counting.

This will also have the dual benefit of helping to keep quiet those negative voices that can put things in your way that aren’t really there. It’s easy for a child to perceive something that wasn’t said or done, based on other evidence that they manufacture, by way of the voice in their head.

Encourage Activities They Enjoy

You can pick up anxiety medication without prescription to help treat your child and this can work especially well when used in tandem with other strategies. Encouraging kids to pursue the things that they enjoy is a powerful way to help them break free of the immobility that anxiety can create.

When kids can settle into activities that they like doing – the kind of things that supersede short attention spans – the anxious feelings fade into the background. You might compound this success by encouraging them to find somebody who also likes to do the things that they like, so that they might try doing them together. It is through engaging with the things that bring them anxiety, on their own terms, that they can best practice the techniques that you’ve been teaching them, in real-time.

Model Strong Behavior

Children are actively watching how their parents do things. Modeling the way that you want your child to behave is another powerful way to help them overcome their anxiety. You might put yourself in situations that make you uncomfortable, like having a difficult conversation or asking a stranger for help, so that they can see how to remain calm and neutral, even if lots of feelings are swirling around inside. The key is to talk about it and never assume that they can internalize these things that may have taken you years to get ahold of.

When it comes to helping your child overcome social anxiety, you have a lot of options. If you don’t want calm magnesium side effects, you can take a more philosophical approach. Cognitive therapy – teaching them how to think about things differently – can be as effective as modeling how you deal with your own social anxiety and other stresses. In other cases, medications can help. Visit a health and wellness shop today to get the OTC remedies that can help your child overcome tomorrow’s social anxiety.

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