Boost your child’s self-esteem – These tips will help

December 29, 2021

It is the most important thing that parents can give their children: self-confidence. All mothers and fathers wish that their offspring can go through life with positive self-esteem. With these great tips, parents can boost their child’s self-confidence!

Strong kids – this is the role played by self-esteem

The fact is: the basis for the inner strength and self-confidence of every person is laid in childhood. Those who think little of themselves also have low self-esteem.

Conversely, it can be said that the more positive a person’s self-worth and the associated self-confidence are, the more successfully they can deal with problems or conflicts that arise.

Important: Parents, educators, teachers and also their nobles have a great influence on the self-esteem of children.

The experiences made within the first six years of life are particularly formative for individual self-worth. If a child is often criticized, teased or punished, they can quickly feel that they are inferior and out of order.

The result: low self-esteem.”

Strengthen the child’s self-confidence – that’s how it works!

Parents can use these strategies to build their child’s self-confidence and inner strength:

Be a role model

Children learn from models. If the parents react quickly to defeat with frustration and anger, the child will also show similar behavior. Anyone who wants to strengthen the child’s self-confidence should therefore be motivated and set a good example.

Talking to

Each other If parents show genuine interest in their offspring’s emotions and thoughts, they also encourage the child to talk regularly about their experiences.

Praise & Recognition

They are the best way to strengthen the child’s self- confidence: loving gestures and words of praise. Regardless of their strengths, mistakes or weaknesses, children – like adults too – want to be loved for their own sake.

Fun Activities

Children like to play and can learn more easily through fun. Positive affirmation cards is an easy way to build self-confidence in the children through fun. Children play with such affirmation cards and learn about animal habits. As there is a great sentence on each card. Like I am helpful like the horse, I am courageous like the lion, I am independent like the tiger, and many more….


Avoid Criticism

When parents criticize their child, they should address the behavior, but never question the child as a person. In this way, they give the child the feeling of being lovable as a person – even if they are dissatisfied with one of their behaviors.

Don’t compare

A child needs to feel unique. Parents should therefore never make comparisons with other children or siblings, as these can enormously undermine a child’s self-esteem.

What else should parents pay attention to?

Important: If parents always treat their offspring like a raw egg, the overprotected child cannot develop healthy self-confidence. A positive self-esteem is the result of taking risks and learning from mistakes. Already in early age children should learn, therefore, that pain, sorrow or rejections are their lives by other part.

Tip: Parents should avoid clearing the child out of the way and trying to protect them from all physical and mental scratches. Anyone who consistently touches their child with kid gloves leads them to believe that there is an ideal world that does not exist.


As a result, children who are always wrapped in cotton cannot develop inner strength and are quickly overwhelmed in later professional life if everything does not go smoothly.

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