How To Style Oxford Boots For Men

March 6, 2023

Oxford Boots have been in the market for a very long time. They originated in the early 1800s and were popularized by students of Oxford University. These shoes have come a long way and at the moment, they are by far the best formal shoe available for men, nothing comes even close. They offer quality and style, that always makes you look fashionable when paired with the proper outfits. But this is not true for all Oxfords. Unless you buy your shoe from a reputed seller you will never have the style and class that we speak of. If you are unsure where to start looking, we recommend Bruno Marc, whose shoes only offer quality at a reasonable price. They offer all varieties of Oxfords that we shall talk about in this article and they are also one of the very few sellers online that sell Oxford sneakers. Hence, if you are not a fan of the formal nature of the Oxford shoes, but need a very similar one for casual purposes, the Oxford sneakers are your best option.

Oxford Shoes And Their Fabric Types

When it comes to Oxford boots, they are primarily made of either leather or suede. Leather, which offers a shiny and smooth look as opposed to the rough look of suede is what many men prefer. Also, keep in mind that because of how suede is made, it might not be the best option to be worn during rainy days or a moisture heavy winter day as it would be very difficult to keep the shoe dry. Whereas leather will have no problem in such cases. And when it comes to buying leather Oxfords, know that many vendors offer both synthetic and genuine leather options. We recommend you stick to genuine leather even if it costs more as genuine leather lasts long and will not break easily like synthetic leather. 

Major Types Of Oxford Boots

Before we get started with Oxford styling tips, you should know about the four major types of Oxford boots. The major difference between these types is the difference in stitching and hence their looks. As the stitching in Oxford boots increases, the more the shoe is considered casual.

  • Whole Cut Oxfords

The Whole Cut Oxfords are the most formal-looking Oxford shoe in the market. They are named so because these shoes look as if they are made off a single piece of leather, with no visible stitches anywhere on the shoe. 

  • Plain Toe Oxfords

Plain Toe Oxfords, in comparison to Whole Cut, have a few uniform stitching that runs along the lace region of the shoe. Many men, who do not like the looks of the Whole Cut Oxfords prefer the Plain Toe Oxfords as a perfect replacement. You can get a pair of quality oxford boots from online such as from Bruno Marc that provides a variety of oxford boots for both casual and formal occasions.

  • Cap Toe Oxfords

Plain Cut and Cap Toe Oxfords look very similar, except that the Cap Toe Oxfords have additional stitching near the toe region of the shoe and hence the name. This makes the shoe look as if it is made out of two pieces of fabric stitched together. Due to this, the Cap Toe Oxfords are considered to be semi-formal shoes. 

  • Wing Tip Oxfords

The Wing Tip Oxford shoe is by far the most casual type of Oxford on this list. This is mainly because of the large number of stitches this shoe has to offer. Thus, these shoes are more appealing to youngsters who prefer wearing casuals quite often. 

Oxford Boots Styling Options

Now that we know about the different types of Oxford boots, let us now look at the different ways you can style these shoes to always look fashionable and trending.

Oxford Shoes For Formal Occasions

Oxford shoes are by far the most preferred type of shoe for anything formal. Hence, no matter what the formal occasion might be, you can always be assured of looking good when you pair Oxfords with suits. In such cases, we recommend either the Whole Cut or the Plain Toe Oxfords. Thus, be it office parties, business meets or even formal dinners, a good quality Oxford and a suit will always scream class.

Oxford Shoes For Semi-Formal Occasions

Apart from formals, the Oxfords are suitable for semi-formal outfits and occasions as well. A Cap Toe Oxford or a Plain Toe Oxford is the preferred choice here. Since most men wear semi-formal to offices nowadays, these shoes ultimately become a must have for them. 

Oxfords For Causal Purposes

As we mentioned earlier, some Oxford boots, like the Oxford Sneakers are a really great option to be worn with casual outfits. But some of you might not like the looks of the Oxford Sneakers, hence if you prefer the classic look, the Wing Tip Oxfords in this case will never let you down. As for the outfit choice with these shoes, we recommend either jeans or cotton pants with matching shirts or t-shirts. 

Oxfords For Winter Outfits

Winter outfits for men are a completely different section as compared to clothes for all other seasons. All of the Oxford types mentioned above are suitable to be worn with winter outfits. But as mentioned earlier, try to avoid Oxfords made out of suede and you should be good to go. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are some of the best ways in which one could style their Oxford boots with. Though remember that these are not the only ways. Thus, if you find a way to pair your shoe in a way that is not mentioned on this list, as long you like the way you look, feel free to do so. In addition, when it comes to Oxfords, quality always matters. Thus, make sure you only buy them from reputed sellers even if they cost a little more than your budget.

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