Making Your Landscaping More Environmentally Friendly

March 18, 2023

You may not realize it, but traditional lawns and lawn care aren’t always the best things for the environment. Depending on where you live and what equipment and methods you use, your landscaping may be doing more harm to the environment than good. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t have options that are safer for your local ecosystem. Making your landscaping more environmentally friendly can be easier than you might think.

Why Keeping the Environment in Mind Is Important to Landscaping

If you’re environmentally conscious and keep your local ecosystem in mind when you get landscaping done, you can have a positive impact on the environment. Landscaping services tend to use large amounts of resources such as water and soil to care for and maintain plants that may not be native to your location or that may be detrimental or dangerous to the local ecosystem. Sustainable landscaping is a way you can counteract these landscaping issues. Practicing sustainable landscaping means considering the local ecosystem when you make lawn care decisions and landscaping natively instead of trying to contain or destroy it. Sustainable landscaping is one thing people can do to help stop climate change.

Eco-friendly Brands And Equipment

Some brands and equipment options are more environmentally friendly than others. Purchasing from, hiring and working with eco-friendly landscaping service and equipment companies can be a great way to ensure your own lawn care is better for your local ecosystem. For example, you or the person doing your landscaping might consider more eco-friendly sources for landscaping equipment, such as Greenworks tools in Colorado, which can help you reduce the environmental impact of your lawn care. It can also be a good way to boost those companies’ success and increase interest among the public in using eco-friendly equipment and services. Consumers showing preferences for eco-friendliness encourage more investors to support these businesses. It also helps push those businesses’ competitors to switch over to environmentally friendly options.

Some Tips for Eco-friendly Landscaping

There are many ways you can make your landscaping more environmentally friendly. One of the first things people do is switch from chemical pesticides to natural or mechanical methods of pest and weed control, reducing chemical waste and health hazards to people, animals and other plants. Landscaping natively and working with your area’s natural environment is also important, but you don’t need to remove all your existing landscaping and insert native plants. Instead, gradually introduce native plants alongside your existing ones. You should also consider your yard waste. Common types of yard waste include leaves and grass clippings. Avoid sending this waste to the dump whenever possible. Instead, you can consider starting a compost heap or simply leaving clippings and leaves alone. Another important aspect of sustainable landscaping is reducing water usage. You don’t need to let your grass dry up, but you can invest in alternative methods to frequent watering, such as drip irrigation, collecting rainwater or watering it infrequently and deeply instead of frequently and shallowly.

What Landscaping Natively Means

Landscaping natively means looking at the ecosystem in which your home or business is situated and working with that ecosystem. Essentially, you want your lawn to be like a natural part of the landscape. This means you should avoid utilizing non-native plants in your design. These plants can be more difficult to maintain and require more water and other important resources. Instead, research the area’s native plants and include those in your design. This can help preserve the area’s native biodiversity. Native plants also tend to be much easier to maintain because they have adapted to the existing ecosystem.

Remember, it’s ok to start small. You don’t need to immediately overhaul your existing landscaping practices or switch to a different landscaping company. You can do some research about how to be environmentally conscious when caring for your lawn or talk to your current landscaper about eco-friendly options his or her company offers that you could switch to. Landscaping can be more environmentally friendly without sacrificing beauty or organization.

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