Experience The Luxury Of Catamaran Charter Vacations: What To Expect

March 29, 2023

A vacation on a fully crewed private boat is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Why? Chartering a yacht for you and your guests is very different from a cruise ship vacation because it is tailored specifically to your preferences, including your excursions, itinerary, and chef, as well as the ability to stay in one place longer if you like, or leave early if a destination disappoints. It is truly “your” vacation.

On a yacht charter, you unpack once and have a staff that works tirelessly to ensure that you have everything you need for a fantastic vacation, just like a rental villa; however, instead of being stuck in one location, you will be able to enjoy many locations as your “villa” travels with you. If one beach appears crowded, you can move on to another. Or you would like to go sightseeing. You can escape the crowds and always have the perfect spot to sunbathe on your deck, and if you would like to extend the experience, you might consider acquiring a small yacht for sale. With your own yacht, you can explore the coast and discover hidden coves and beaches, or even sail around the world. 

This article will examine the luxury of catamaran charter vacations and what to expect.

1. New Destinations

Luxury catamaran charters
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Luxury catamaran charters are available in over 48 destinations worldwide. If you are looking forward to a catamaran charter in Greece, My Greek Carter offers a variety of destinations and comfort travel. Daniel and Martina Asmus founded My Greek Carter after sailing for years and exploring the most remote yachting destinations. They worked for over six years as a professional crew, completed over 100 charter weeks, and gained knowledge of the Pacific, Mediterranean, and Caribbean Sea.

In their business journey, they have developed personal relationships with crew on various size vessels in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. This gives them insight into chartering itineraries for the best secret anchorages, beaches, snorkeling gems, and fantastic sunsets.

Significantly, these boats are famous among people who want to explore islands that are hard to reach. The Caribbean, Greece, and Croatia are fantastic places to visit on a catamaran charter, with breathtaking views, clear waters, white sandy beaches, and historical places where you can engage in some activities.

Catamarans are perfect for exploring because of their shallow draft. These shallow drafts help them navigate in shallow water and close you to the caves, shoreline, islands, and inlet.  Here you can moor in bays or rest and swim or snorkel near coral reefs or picturesque bays.

2. Comfort

The twofold parallel hulls of a catamaran are what distinguishes it. Compared to a monohulled yacht, the space between them is enormous. Designers have provided numerous windows for more space and natural light to enjoy relaxing, dining, and other activities on your trip.

In addition, parallel hulls allow for a shallow draft, offering magnificent views from the window below the waterline. The amount of light entering from windows brightens up the main cabin and living areas and offers 360-degree views from the living area).             

3. Activities

You can fill out a preference sheet, which will be shared with the crew on your luxury yacht charter. The crew can plan your itinerary based on the information you provide. You may have several water sports you’d like to try or sights you’d like to see, so please communicate this via the preference sheet. Your crew will have an easier time planning an outstanding trip the more details you supply. You and your visitors will also benefit from some advice from your crew.

Evenings on charter are also enjoyable. Take some time to consider how you want to spend your nights. Do you want to experience the nightlife on land? Would you and your guests like to throw a party or disco complete with lights? Evenings of peace are also easily accommodated. Many charter yachts have a variety of games and movies to keep you entertained.

3. Speed

Being on catamarans offer you a thrilling sailing experience. It is due to the slimmer hulls that decrease friction and keep the boat flat while floating through the water. Even luxury catamaran charters can reach impressive speeds when the strong wind hits the boat on the sides.

The fast speed of the boat allows for adventurous and smoother sailing from one location to another. This allows more time for swimming, relaxing, discovering, and exploring places.

4. Attire

Because of the various climates, the cruising location will heavily influence the kind of clothing you should bring. For example, traveling across New England might require a sweater or windbreaker because the evenings can be cool. If you’re traveling via the Caribbean, you will find the weather warm all year, but ladies may wrap themselves using a shawl as the evening breeze can be cool.

5. Luggage

Consider the size of your yacht when packing for your trip. Onboard storage may be limited depending on the size of the vessel. The majority of yachts offer the same amenities as a luxury hotels. Typically, fine toiletries, robes, and linens are included.


When you travel on a private yacht charter, you can expect luxury and convenience. Not only will your yacht carry everything you need or want for an unforgettable vacation, but you will also have a dedicated team working behind the scenes to make your trip the best charter you have ever experienced.

If you are ready to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, contact us to begin planning your dream vacation!

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