The Ultimate Guide to Bicep Training: Tips, Techniques, and Workouts

April 28, 2023

Biceps are one of the most distinctive muscles and have long been associated with bodybuilding. Given their position, a pair of well-developed biceps can’t be easily ignored.

Bicep training is essential to any strength training program, especially for people who want to develop an attractive physique. The biceps are the muscles right in the front of the upper arm. They are essential for daily tasks like lifting and carrying objects. 

Furthermore, strong biceps can increase your self-esteem and physical attractiveness. This article will guide you to bicep training, advice, exercises, and strategies.

The Anatomy Of Biceps 

It’s essential to comprehend the anatomy of the biceps before getting into bicep training. The biceps consist of long and short heads, the two muscle heads. The short head is positioned on the inner side of the upper arm, whereas the long head is positioned on the outer part. 

Just beyond the elbow joint, the long head biceps join the forearm bone, where it descends arm’s length. This biceps head helps to stabilize the shoulder and is in charge of shoulder flexion. The long head and short head combine to form the biceps muscle belly as they go down the arm. This biceps head controls the flexion of the elbow.

On the other hand, the short biceps head is derived from the coracoid process of the scapula, a bony protrusion on the front of the shoulder blade. The biceps muscle belly is formed when the short head and long head combine as they travel down the arm. This biceps head controls elbow flexion.

Moreover, the biceps’ long and short heads contract helping the arm flex or bend. Arm adduction is a function of the biceps’ short head. In this phase, the long head also executes an arm abduction, resulting in muscle contraction.

Advantages Of Bicep Development

The biceps are visible muscles, so whether you want to gain muscle or have well-defined, toned arms, here are the benefits of developing your biceps:

  • The biceps’ job is to flex the arm at the elbow. Therefore, gaining biceps strength is advantageous for avoiding strain and injury when performing daily activities.
  • Improve your strength and posture.
  • The biceps are used in sports like tossing and catching balls, bat swings, boxing, and weightlifting.
  • Boost self-esteem and physique.
  • Keep your arms and muscle tones.
  • Standard biceps workouts.

Best Ways To Develop Short Head Biceps 

You can use workouts from the regular biceps training to focus on the short head of the biceps. Changing your grip and selecting the proper exercise is crucial in targeting the inner biceps. There are other biceps curl variations, but these are the ones that target the short head specifically. 

1. Broad-Grip Barbell Curl

Widening your grip beyond shoulder width, hold the barbell in your hands. Maintaining a tight side-arm position, curl the bar up towards your chest. Bring the bar to its starting position gradually. Avert swinging and torso swinging when changing the weight. The wide grip isolates the bicep muscle’s short head. Additionally, you can lift more weight with a broader grasp than with a slight grip. The result will be more significant, more muscular biceps. 

2. Curled Spiders

You can perform the spider curl using dumbbells or a barbell. Locate a bench to let you rest your arms beneath your torso. If you’re using a regular bench, incline it up 45 degrees. 

Note that for a wide range of motion, lie flat on the bench with your arms hanging straight down. 

To lift the weight, only use your forearms. If you swing your arms, the motion will be controlled by your shoulders. 

Concentrate on proper form and technique with less swinging. Your biceps spend more time under tension while your arms are extended. Increased hypertrophy results from this. 

3. Curled Cables

Instead of a straight bar, consider employing a curved bar or rope attachment. The biceps short head muscle is under higher strain as a result. Keep your elbows tucked in and in front of your torso. Keep your arms in place while curling the rope toward your chest. 

Rotate your wrist outward once you’ve reached the peak of the motion. As a result, the forearm will supinate, and the short head bicep will contract more. Repeat from your starting position. Cable curls just require the forearm to be rotated and the elbow bent. This exercises the forearms and biceps in their entirety. 

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